Friday, November 21, 2014

To Boot!

Boots.  That was my mission for today - boot all around.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been decked out in rain boots the past few days.  Sure, they have dry feet, but there is a strong possibility that their toes may fall off in this polar vortex influenced weather we're having...  Ah, the problems of living in Michigan.

I'm delighted to share, then, that all Gatchel toes should stay affixed this Winter.  Not only did I manage to track down boots for each of the kiddos (pink for the Bean, spiderman for NJ), I found a pair of heavy duty boots for me as well.  Because we don't have a snowblower for our ridiculously long driveway - we have a Kristi.

I'd like to tel you I've got loads of other fun things to report, but honestly it's been a fairly chill Friday.  I did manage to get the Virginia scrapbook page done today between hunting for boots.  And I got to catch up with my lucky duck sister, Shell, who is in Florida this week for awhile.  She said if it made me feel better they've been in the 50's most of the week.  Told her no, that didn't make me feel better, that if she was fortunate enough to be away from the chill up here I at least wanted her to be able to soak up some rays!  Really looking forward to seeing her and the rest of the fam next week.

Speaking of next week - just a reminder for all you state project junkies that we're on hiatus next week.  And the blog will probably be spotty as well.  Noah has a 1/2 day on Tuesday and when he gets off I'm taking him and the Bean to Toledo and handing them off to Shell!  They're going to spend a couple of days in the 'Mont with my parents, Shell, Dudley, Scott and Miss Ali while Grant and I get some shopping done (I hope...)  Then we'll head to Fremont ourselves on Thursday and be there Thursday night and all day Friday.  Friday night we're making our annual trip to the Lights at the zoo.  So mark your calendars right now all you people in Ohio, because I GUARANTEE that next Friday will be the COLDEST day of the whole damn year.  (hehehe)  It always is!  And it'll probably be sleeting.  With 40 mph winds   But we're going and it's going to be fabulous! But that's next week...

Grant's not feeling too hot and wasn't quite up for tackling the dynamic duo tonight so I wasn't able to make it to dinner with the girls.  But I am hoping to go and catch up with them in a bit after I get everyone here safely tucked in for the evening.  Instead we had a really easy meal with these Ham and Cheese Biscuits (I made them tiny, they're so dang cute!).  Noah said he was more than content finishing off the rest of the peanut butter cookies for dessert, so decided to keep life simple tonight and let that one go.

Really looking forward to tomorrow morning!  I came across this last night and you know me and cute food...  So Missy and her gang are coming over to join us for breakfast in the morning!  Michigan plays in the afternoon, maybe Church tomorrow depending on how the day goes and not really sure what else.  Oh, except soup from a peanut.  And a really 'cool' pie.  So until then...

Virginia Fun Fact of the Day:  Arlington County was originally part of the ten-mile square parcel of land surveyed in 1791 to be part of Washington, DC. The U.S. Congress returned that portion of the land to the "Commonwealth of Virginia" following a referendum among its citizens.

Scrap book page is done

And we have boots!

Ham and Cheese Biscuits

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