Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Air Zoo, Girl-Tastic Filled Weekend!

Sorry if you missed us yesterday.  By the time the Bean and I made it home from the magic show at school it was almost 9, I still had a bunch of pizza kit stuff to tackle and wasn't up for getting up a post by the time I finally got a minute to breathe. I'm sure you can forgive me just this once ;-)

But yesterday was fabulous!  I think that Grant has pictures and video from the boys trip to the Air Zoo, so I'm really hoping he'll get a chance to post that later.  From the breathless recap I got, it's pretty safe to say they really had a good time.

The Bean and I had our own grand time.  We got all the directories distributed at school (YAY!!!!), did a bit of shopping, organized all the early pizza kit orders (she was a huge help on this), did the Vermont scrapbook page and then headed over to school for the Magic Show.  WOW what a turn out!  This was hands down one of our best events the entire time I've been on the Board.  The kids had an absolutely fabulous time, the teacher basket raffle was a huge hit, and considering that it wasn't a huge organizational headache we actually made a good bit of money for the effort involved.

The Bean and I had quite the day of our own.  Tess and A joined us this morning for a nail painting party (Aunt Shell, you'd have been proud) and a "Frozen" viewing.  Then we headed off to the library, a stop at Michael's to pick up the supplies for a project from their "Pinterest Party" day and then grabbed lunch at McDonald's as a special treat since she's been so good (and she really was terrific!).  We made our really neat project (check out the pics!) and hung out until the boys made it home.

The boys were whipped by the time they made it home, so it was a good thing that I had a fairly laid back meal of 3 Cheese Potato Tacos (gotta love Vermont and all that cheese!) and Vermont Doughnuts Holes for dessert.  The boys had so much fun but staying up most of the night locked in an Air Zoo is a lot - especially with a bunch of 6-10 year old boys!  We're going to have a pretty low key day tomorrow - Church in the morning and then NJ and I are going to spend the day in the kitchen.  He needs to make a meal to earn one of his scouting badges and I had planned on spending at least part of the day doing some meal prep for his lunches and he wants to help me out.  The Lions have a HUGE game at 4:30 so you can bet my whole crew will be settled in for that.  At the moment, I'm off to hear more about the Air Zoo, finish up the Pizza Kit order, and just unwind a little bit.  Looking forward to my time with NJ tomorrow since I had so much fun with just me and Beanie yesterday and today.  

Oh, before I forget!  Grant and I were just having a discussion (I needed him to back up my thought process - I'm so lucky to have such a good sounding board :) )  After much debate, and because of the way our travel is going down, we've decided NOT to do a state the week of Thanksgiving.  The kids are going to be leaving for Fremont on Tuesday afternoon and we won't be back until really late Friday night.  And just my initial research on Washington has turned up so much cool stuff that I don't want to just shove it in.  SO!  There will be NO state the week of Thanksgiving and here's how we're now going to break down from here on out:

Starting Monday - Virginia
Dec 1 -Dec 7 - Washington DC AND Missouri (we moved this from over the summer when the kids were in Cinci with Sar and Shell)
Dec 8- Dec 14 - West Virginia
Dec 15- Dec 21 Wisconsin
Dec 22-Dec 31 Wyoming AND Washington

Phew, I'm feeling much better after this decision.  It'll also give me an extra week to find a good balance for Missouri and DC (I didn't ever think DC deserved a whole week, but at least a shout-out!)
Back with the end of Vermont tomorrow!  So until then...

Vermont Fun Fact of the Day:  No. 15 of the Acts of 1999: When serving apple pie in Vermont, a "good faith" effort shall be made to serve it with: (a) with a glass of cold milk, (b) with a slice of cheddar cheese, (c) with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Ready for the Air Zoo yesterday morning - cutest Cub Scout EVER!

And one very excited Cub Scout.  The office at school called me yesterday afternoon about Pizza Kits and also to relate that Noah was VERY excited when Grant picked him up

Helping me scrap (this was after we had finished all the Pizza Kit orders - girl was on fire)

Vermont's Scrapbook page

Beechview was magical last night

Ready for some nail fun

I seriously had a salon going this morning

This is how we rock it on Girls Day!

Working on our project from Michael's

Amid lunch of course while it was drying

2nd coat!

More eating and playing with her toy

And ready to finally finish


We made Christmas countdown plates!

Kayla's (hard to get a pic since it's silver)

Mine (the middle is chalkboard paint, can't wait for December 1st!)

Frying up some potato tacos (they all really liked this recipe, by the way)

Had to get a shot of the inside of the doughnut holes

Dig in!

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