Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Stuck At Home Kinda Day

Mikayla's cough continues to be quite persistent which meant switching up the plans for the day.  As much as I wanted to be at MOPS this morning (missed all you ladies!) I didn't think it was the best idea to expose all the fabulous kiddos to her germs.  And since Tess said that A & D were also a bit under the weather (and since OLS did not have school today) I offered to keep them here with the Bean and I so at least one of us could make it this morning :)  (She's the leader, she totally trumps my need to be there!)  

So after trekking through about the two inches of snow we got overnight (oh boy!) we settled in for a morning of books, skyping with Aunt Sarah, Mr. Matt and the new puppy Porter (who we get to meet next week!), and a movie.  Tess stopped by shortly after the meeting but her twosome chose staying with the Bean for lunch than heading out to lunch.  Wow do we rank!  The kids were excellent this morning.  We kept it low key since no one was feeling 100% and even though I would have much rather been with my friends, I did get the house cleaned, dinner prepped and I got to skype with Sarah, too!  

Noah made it home (oh, side note - he passed his uniform inspection last night AND earned his Bobcat badge!) and the Dynamic Duo set out to color Virginia!  I wasn't surprised by what they chose, but you'll have to check it out below.

It's no secret the Bean loves seafood (we have discovered she is most fond of crab) and since the Chesapeake Bay and its harvest is so important to Virginia, I picked a recipe for Crab Imperial to make for dinner tonight.  This specific recipe is a specialty of a restaurant in Cape Charles.  It kind of reminded me of the calico clam recipe from Rhode Isalnd, but with crab and creamier.  It paired up with some Hot Mama Cheese Bread (nope, nothing to do with Virginia but this stuff is AWESOME!), pineapple and mixed veggies.  I had planned on making Virginia Apple Pudding for dessert, but opened the crisper drawer in the fridge only to remember that I had put the apple I was intending to use for this in Noah's lunch.  Whoops...  But I remembered that I had also tagged this recipe for Marble Cake.  I can't validate the claim other than here which says that Marble cake originated in Rockingham County, Virginia from a Mennonite community.  Could be true, but it's wikipedia, so who knows  It was an easy thing to put together tonight though, so it's all good!

I'm cutting this a little short tonight as I have to hurry out the door to November's PTA meeting.  Duty calls, you know ;-)  Hoping the Bean makes it to school tomorrow and I am looking forward to (hopefully) a Mom's dinner out with some of my favorite ladies tomorrow evening.  Not sure about this weekend yet, other than that on Sunday Bean and I are going to Rapunzel with Colleen and R at the Costick Center.  Can't wait!  But first, Friday and Saturday are on tap!  So until then...

Virginia Fun Fact of the Day:  On March 9, 1862 at Hampton Roads, Virginia, the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia (formerly the USS Merrimac) met in one of the most famous naval engagements in US history. Their battle, the first of its kind between metal armored vessels, changed for all time the nature of naval warfare.

And this is how we roll on a morning in Michigan

Elsa and Ariel

Doesn't get much cuter

Skyping with Aunt Sarah

Kayla's Virginia had peanuts and Presidents!

Noah's Virginia has peanuts, a Cardinal (bird) and a Flowering Dogwood (tree)

Crab Imperial

Mmmm, hot Mama bread....

Marble Cake

Pretty :)

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