Sunday, November 16, 2014

Noah's in the kitchen!

The game's on, so it's going to be a quick post tonight :)  Especially given the Lions "come from behind" mentality the last couple of weeks.  They have to make things interesting, you know.  

So the other day NJ told me he had to make a meal to earn part of his scouting badge.  I looked at him dumb founded and told him he did that all the time.  He said "it has to be a lot."  Well my son, I see that as a challenge :-p  It just so happened I was hoping to spend a good chunk of today doing some school lunch prep for him, so I put the boy to work!  We made Quinoa Pizza BitesCorn Dog Muffins2 Ingredient Banana Bread CookiesMini Banana Pancake Muffins, freezer sandwiches and we even 'invented' a waffle toast we had for lunch.  He was thrilled, I was happy to clean out a whole bunch of odds and ends and I'm pretty sure we've prepped enough meals to get him through Christmas break.

We've spent the rest of the day mostly just hanging out.  I've been busy doing laundry (again!), doing some other meal prep, and of course, making tonight's dinner!  During the game we've been feasting on Cottage Cheese Pancakes drenched in Simple Maple Syrup with a side of Quick Apple Cherry Crunch and bacon.  This pancake recipe is a keeper - Grant ate 6!  And I know it's not the real deal but everyone really liked the maple syrup knock off.  Shh, don't tell Vermont, but maple syrup's never really been my thing, so you'll just have to take everyone else's word for it.

Alright, super weird play just happened, I'm off to see what's going on.  Kayla's been coughing something nasty all day, so not sure if she's going to be in school tomorrow or not.  If she is, I'm in Noah's class to read (yay!) and we officially kick-off Virginia week (yay!!).  So until then...

Vermont Fun Fact of the Day:  Vermont does not sell alcohol to out of state licenses, you must have a liquor ID in order to purchase alcohol at liquor stores and grocery stores. This doesn't apply to bars, but can affect those traveling through the state.

Noah and I hard at work

2 ingredient cookies, don't mind if we do!

Knock-Off Maple syrup

Cooking up some super yummy pancakes

Apple and Cherry Crisp

One last Vermont dinner (or breakfast...)

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