Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Hairy Sunday

Ever since I took her to Princesses on Ice a few weeks ago I've been keeping an eye out for more live entertainment opportunities to take the Bean to.  She had so much fun (and is still talking about it) and I'm all about fostering a love off music, theater, dance, etc - especially since it's something we can really both enjoy together.  So when I spotted a sign outside the Fire Station saying that city's Youth Theater was going to be putting on a fractured fairy tale version of Rapunzel I knew we'd have to go.

We made it to Mass this morning to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King (near and dear as it's the name of the Church where my parents were married and I was baptized!) which was full of giggles from Noah mixing up the word dominion and minion (this happened a few weeks ago as well, but he spent 10 minutes of Church giggling over the thought of God having minions today.  Shell, I totally blame you for this ;-) ) and then came home for some lunch, a chance for Mikayla to do her homework and both of them to spend some more time finishing their art projects for Thursday.  (Total side note rant - I am convinced that Mikayla has more homework than Noah.  And it's always due in a shorter amount of time.  Grrr....) Then Kayla and I turned on the Lions game for a bit while the boys headed to Royal Oak for a parade.  Rumor has it Grant has pictures (and I saw a video of this contraption he supposedly wants on Facebook.  Ain't gonna happen...) and I will try to get him to post some later.  

Kayla and I headed out a short time later to meet up with Colleen and R for a viewin of "Rapunzel: A Very Hairy Fairy Tale."  It was so cute!  Children's theater is always so much fun and I have to say the kiddos were really good.  We were especially impressed by the girl who played Lady Zaza.  Of course, the Bean is now asking when SHE can be in a show...  It was a great way to spend our afternoon (and made me glad to be out so I didn't have to witness the Lions get crushed) and I'm going to hopefully continue to find these kind of experiences for my Bean.

We came home, the table decorations are all officially finished and Noah got the chance to skype with Aunt Sarah for a bit before dinner.  We had one last Virginia inspired meal of Country Hand and Red Eye Gravy and Virginia Spoon Bread.  (I'm all about the side notes today, so here's another.  I went to make this and realized I only had flavored coffee in the house.  I didn't really think mint coffee infused red-eye gravy would be that appetizing, so had to make a quick stop after Church this morning...)  Wrapped up the night with a bit of fun and video games.  It's going to be a weird week so we were taking advantage of our time as a foursome.

So just a reminder, no state this week.  The usual Monday hubbub tomorrow - Kayla has her Thanksgiving celebration at school (which means I'm making stuffing at 8am) and Noah has school and then religious ed - which we all know how I feel about the timing on that one...  Then Tuesday NJ has a half day and then we're off to Toledo!  I'll try to get a post up tomorrow and over the next few days, but it'll probably be spotty.  So until then...

Virginia Fun Fact of the Day:  The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is the world's largest bridge-tunnel complex. It is 18 miles long and has two bridges and two mile-long tunnels. It extends over the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and connects the cities of Cape Charles and Norfolk.

Ready for the show

Kayla and R

Noah finished his corn

And his turkeys

Kayla's corn is done too

Skyping with Aunt Sar (and Mr. Matt and Porter, too!)

Cooking up the ham

Virginia Spoon Bread

One last dinner from Virginia

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