Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Getting Crafty Colonial Style

I haven't decided yet if I like or loathe mornings with a delayed start.  I love that it gives us extra time to tackle a project or two (like we did this morning!) but it just throws the routine off a bit too much.  Between that and the Bean missing school yesterday with her cold I'm not quite sure yet what day it actually is.  (Tuesday, Kristi, it's Tuesday)  Whatever day it is, it's been a full one like usual around here.

I had told Noah last night (when he got home from Religious Ed and was oh so cutely going through a mock uniform inspection for his pack meeting Wednesday night) that if he got up and moving this morning I had a fun colonial Virginia project for us to work on.  I was inspired by this idea for a tin lantern.  Tin punching was a common inexpensive decorating method employed during colonial times and an easy project to try with Noah. Last night I had filled a tin can with water and we were ready to go this morning!  He picked what he wanted on the can (NJ and a smiley face) and he worked in the hammer while I moved the nail.  (Limited pictures because I was only so brave with my fingers!)  We set the can aside for the water to melt while he was at school.  Then when he got home he stuck a candle in it and, voila, really easy and fun luminary!

We had just finished that up when Amber and A showed up for a morning of hanging out and some baking.  We made Applesauce Carrot Muffins and chatted while the kiddos played.  I love these laid back easy mornings and was glad for the company.  (As it is always wonderful company with Amber and A!).  While they were here I also set the Bean on working on her tin punching project.  I wasn't quite brave enough to let her have free reign with the hammer so her project was based on this idea.  I have to admit, I was pretty impressed.  I got her set up with her pie plate and a push pin and she really went to town all on her own.  I think what she came up with was super cute and she was delighted.  She's already making plans for who else she wants to make one for!

After Amber and A left the Bean and I ran a few quick errands (got NJ a new scarf and clasp so he'll pass inspection tomorrow night.  I'm such a softie...  But he did get 50/50 on his math test again!) and then came back here for some lunch.  I also got her started on another colonial inspired project that she (and her brother when he gets the chance) can work on whenever they'd like this week.  I remember making these ornaments for a school project when I was younger and thought they'd be something fun for Thing 1 and Thing 2 to do this week.  As I explained to the Bean, it wasn't like the early colonists could just plug in a scentsy to make their house smell good, they had to use the things at hand!  She was happy to work away for a good chunk of the afternoon before I made her lay down for a bit.  She's still coughing (though the doctor made me feel like a ridiculously over-bearing parent with a 'this is just a cold' speech I got yesterday.  Kiddo was up all night the night before complaining her ears hurt, give me a break!) but other than not eating so hot and being a tad cranky, it doesn't seem to be effecting her much.  Am hoping to send her to school tomorrow....

After all that crafting, my crew worked up quite the appetite.  For dinner tonight I made Faidley's Crab Cakes in honor of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay.  From what the recipe says, Virginia (like Maryland) crab cakes aren't a whole lot of 'filler' but really focus on the crab.  These were easy to put together and earned a thumbs up across the board.  I made Creamy Succotash to go with it.  Succotash (unknown before to me) consists mostly of corn, lima beans and then, pretty much, whatever else you want!  It's a traditional Thanksgiving recipe, especially in New England.  Noah (my anti-bean kiddo) wasn't sold on it, so probably won't be rushing right out to make it again, but it was a good thing to go with our crab cakes.  For dessert I tried this recipe for Governor Gilmore's Fudge Cake.  In the comments the former Virginia governor claims that this is his favorite dessert after crab cakes, so I figured we'd try it that way as well!  If you like chocolate, this one's for you!

We got in some skype time with the Kunkle's after dinner and then the kiddos were off to bed.  Geesh, wish I could be off to bed after a day like today :-p  Tomorrow (provided the Bean is back in school) I'm helping in Noah's class for a bit, Bean and I have a play date at Colleen's after school, then Noah and Grant have a pack meeting tomorrow night.  I've also got a recipe of debatable origins on the menu and a favorite treat of everyone around here for dessert!  So until then...

Virginia Fun Fact of the Day:  The present state capital in Richmond was also the capital of the Confederacy.

I'm a mom, this doesn't even phase me :-p

It's hard to see, but this is with all the holes

He was excited (I think because he managed to do it without breaking any of my fingers)

Kayla at work on her tin punching

Ta Da!

Cute, huh?

You can pose like you're in Frozen at Target - she was in heaven

The pieces for our next project

The Bean at work

Really really hard to get a picture but the luminary worked!

Working on their spice oranges

Kayla finished

Creamy Succotash

Crab Cakes ready for the fryer


Dinner Time

Fudge Cake

It was seriously fudgy (is that a word???)

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