Saturday, November 22, 2014

Talkin' Turkey

It's dreary and wet and overcast here today.  The PERFECT day to hang out with friends, work on some art projects, read some books, watch the game and eat yummy food.  So that's exactly what we've done!  We spent our morning trying out those awesome cinnamon roll turkeys I mentioned last night (Mine didn't come out super cute like the pictures, but we had a blast) with Missy and her boys.  The kids each decorated their own and everyone was having such a good time hanging out they spent the morning.  It was SO nice to just be able to hang out and not to have to rush off to school or another errand or anything.  I purposely didn't jam our weekend as I know the next month will be CRAZY enough as it is.  This afternoon we worked on some table decorations for Thursday, watched the game and played around in the kitchen.  I made this super yummy Virginia Apple Butter Bread for breakfast tomorrow (though we of course had to cut into it and taste test) and a Chocolate Ice Box Pie from the Recipes from Old Virginia cookbook.  I had intended to make this Cream of Peanut Soup for dinner tonight, but it didn't seem like good game food.  So I instead made these Pizza Waffles that I have been wanting to try out for awhile now.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but they WORKED!  And my crew loved them.  Noah is requesting them for his lunch.

Looking forward to tomorrow - Church in the morning and then the Bean and I are headed to Rapunzel in the afternoon.  The boys are talking about going to the parade in Royal Oak but it will probably depend on the weather.  Regardless it'll be a great day!  So until then...

Virginia Fun Fact of the Day:  The American Revolution ended with the surrender of General Cornwallis in Yorktown.

Cinnamon Roll Turkeys in the works

I adore cute food

Noah's first turkey

Rolland's awesome turkey

Breakfast time

Getting ready to craft

Lots of craft

Virginia Apple Butter Bread

Hmmm, any thoughts what this will be?

Pizza waflles!

Full of cheesy pepperoni goodness

Chocolate Ice Box Pie

Our first decoration complete!

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