Sunday, July 13, 2014

Noah at Bat

Yesterday was Mud Hen's Camp at Fifth Third field and Noah's birthday present from us. We  (Noah and Daddy) spent a few hours out on the field, in the dugout, and in the batting cages learning how to be better baseball players from a few of the Mud Hens players themselves! Everything from warm-up exercises, to hitting, to even stealing second base was fair game.

After camp and some lunch, we spent the afternoon at Imagination Station getting our hands on hands-on activities like making paper airplanes and windmills and eroding sand and ....
It was also Hero Day, so there was every kind of emergency response team available. Personally, I think the bomb-squad was the coolest, although putting a house fire out with a fire hose was probably the most fun for Noah.

Our day ended back where it started, at the Mud Hens ballpark watching the game and enjoying some pizza, peanuts, and Toft's ice cream. After such a long day, we didn't quite make it to the end for the fireworks, but considering it was bedtime for everyone by the time we got home, I think it was a full one too.

You'll have to ask Noah more about it sometime...

Walking out on the field for some warm-up exercises

Fly ball practice

In the (air-conditioned) batting cages

Noah's up to bat

Practicing some tee-ball

Sittin' on the top of the bench in the dugout!

It's a hit!

Running for first base

Fielding some ground balls

Noah with his autographed ball :)

This is "the bomb"! (transporter)

Noah actually got to go down inside the hull of the Coast Guard boat!

"I'm spraying the fire out"

Daddy gives himself a high five

Lighting up the "Wheel of Fire"!

at the Mud Hens playground for the game

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