Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Ad-Libbed Sunday

With the weather in flux, we kind of just let today take it where it may.  And that's all good!  It ended up being a really great chill day for all four of us.  We were going to start the morning with a bike ride and some play time at Shiawassee Park, but the clouds made us consider that perhaps the bikes weren't the best option.  So we drove over, the kids ran around like crazy, I went and snagged Grant and I some coffee and we chilled and read the paper.  Perfect.

We came home in time for Grant to mow the lawn, Noah to get some play in and the Bean specifically asked to help me make lunch and prep up tonight's dinner of Clam Chowder Casserole.  She makes me smile - she was so proud of herself.  We put together some english muffin pizzas and she even made everyone's lunch plate and set the table.  Plus the only reason that everyone enjoyed dinner so much tonight must be due to the care and diligence Kayla showed in putting it all together.  I had picked this recipe trying to get *some* seafood in for my Bean this week, though New Hampshire has very little actual coastline and fishing is not a major industry for the state.  Plus we've tried lots of different types of chowder so this was something different and unique.  Easy enough for the Bean to do pretty much all by herself and thumbs up all around.  Score!

We got in some library time this afternoon since the kiddos had officially finished up their summer reading logs.  They picked out their prizes and some new books and were happy.  I snagged a copy of "Catching Fire" for Grant and I to watch tonight, so the adults were all good, too :)  (I also grabbed the latest JD Robb, Stuart Woods and James Patterson so I was even happier)

The storms threatened (and eventually descended) this afternoon and Grant asked the kids if they'd like to go see a movie.  So off to Mr. Sherman and Peabody they went while I ran a few errands and then start working to organize my crafting storage area in the playroom a bit.  We are in it all the time and stuff just keeps getting shoved back on the shelf making it difficult to know what we even have!  So I was a happy Mama to listen to the thunder and sort through all the craft stuff for awhile.

The crew navigated through the storms and made it home just in time for the dinner Mikayla had so lovingly made.  We started discussing New Jersey (I can't wait to share what I have planned for Thursday!!).  There was enough time for hanging out and baths for two very dirty kiddos (they didn't make it into the tub last night and Noah was still sporting smudges of his snake on his cheek.  The suggestion I made to both of them this morning to wash them off was met with a near meltdown.  Not the hill I wanted to die on.) and a chance to watch New Jersey natives Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First?" routine and get a preview of how they are going to replicate Thomas Edison's invention from New Jersey's Menlo Park, the phonograph!  And now as I said, Grant and I are off to watch a movie, so wrapping this up for the evening.  We officially kick off New Jersey tomorrow, so check back in then as I share how baffled I was by how much 'stuff'' makes one tiny state so important.  Until then...

New Hampshire Fun Fact of the Day:  America's Stonehenge is a 4000 year old megalithic (stone constructed) site located on Mystery Hill in Salem and presently serves as a leisurely, educational tour for the whole family.

Coffee and juice at the park - what a way to spend a morning

Noah was reading the comics to the Bean

Helping me in the kitchen

She decided half with pepperoni, half just cheese

Starting work on the casserole - diligently scraping every clam out

Dressing it up

And oh so proud of her work

Pizzas are done!

Clam Chowder Casserole

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