Sunday, July 13, 2014

Recuperating Sunday

Just a quick post today because it was a fairly uneventful day around here.  I knew it would happen eventually - the craziness of the past couple of weeks finally caught up with me and I woke up this morning sick and feeling like I'd been slammed into by a semi.  Thank goodness for my other half who sent me back to bed and took over for the morning.  He did an awesome job keeping the kids occupied and low-key while I re-cooped for a bit.  I was mostly back to normal and resumed Mom duties by noon.  Guess that sometimes I need to remember to SLOW DOWN or my body will just do it for me.

When I got up my first order of business was to make some Country Fair Style Kool-Aid Donuts.  I had seen these well over a year ago and wanted to try them out, but had yet to do so.  They were just for fun and a neat treat that everyone here liked.  I'd say that we officially covered the kool-aid aspect of Nebraska this week.

I also fit in one more fun recipe with Hunt's "Classic" Skillet Lasagna.  Hunt's is owned by ConAgra and my crew loves them some lasagna so this super easy to make dinner was the perfect choice for tonight.  Will definitely be keeping this one.

The day was spent playing games, getting some yard work done, playing outside, going for a walk after dinner and mostly just hanging out and relaxing.  It was MUCH needed as I think we all have just been going going going lately.  The Bean and I went and helped at the Church for VBS yesterday and I was blown away by what I saw (Julie you are incredible!) and I think the kids are going to have an amazing time this week.  We also officially kick off Nevada tomorrow and I'm going to try my best to NOT make it all about Las Vegas.  Looking forward to the Home Run Derby tomorrow night and the All-Star game this week, too.  Plus I have a fun Nevada project in mind this week, Grant is going to put his engineer skills to the test to teach the kids about the workings of the Hoover Dam and next Saturday promises to be huge with the Founder's Day Parade, a Princess Party with Elsa from Frozen (sssh, don't tell Mikayla about this if you see her!) and a family outing at the Mud Hens game.  Good thing my body chose today to make me slow down - don't have any time to do it this week ;-)  Look for our Nevada intro tomorrow, but until then...

Nebraska Fun Fact of the Day:  The Naval Ammunition Depot located in Hastings was the largest U.S. ammunition plant providing 40% of WWII's ammunition.

Dough for the kool-aid donuts

Out of the fryer

And covered in even more sugar

Sharkelberry! (whatever that is)

Skillet Lasagna - this is a definite "Make this again" recipe

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