Friday, July 18, 2014


What a Friday!  The dynamic duo had a great last day of VBS this morning - they have already decided they are for sure going back next year.  I am again thankful for my amazing MOPS ladies who not only made me aware of the program but were behind a lot of the goings on this week.

The kids were crushed that today was the last day so I decided to cheer them up - with pizza!  We grabbed some Little Caesar's and headed to Heritage Park with some of our friends for the afternoon.  We came home for a little bit to relax and get out of the sun before I surpried them again - with Bingo!

The Farmington Founders Day festival is this weekend and there are a TON of things going on.  Tess reminded me this morning that from 3-5 there was kids bingo.  I thought it sounded like something my duo would love so I cleared my afternoon and decided to take them down there instead.  We ended up bringing David with us, too and they kids had quite the time of it.  And it was great - the Farmington High School Marching Band was behind it and the whole thing was free!  Winning prizes were ice cream, movie tickets, etc and my kids were determined to win.

Little do they know that bingo runs in their blood.  My G-Ma was quite the Bingo enthusiast and I think it's safe to say I can't think Bingo without thinking of her.  So I had no doubt that she was watching over her favorite great-grandchildren today and may have had a hand in what ended up happening.  They announced that the last game would be a coverall and the prize would be bowling party.

Guess who came home with a free bowling party?


They were all so excited.  Sounds like we've got an upcoming party to plan.  We managed to walk in the door about 2 minutes before Grant got home and I was scrambling to put together dinner.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to make something 'awful, awful' from Nevada today.  Well, that's kind of true.  My culinary research led me across quite a few minutes of the infamous Awful, Awful Burger.  A staple in Reno, its origins are debatable (some say The Little Nugget Diner and some say Rosie's Cafe in John Ascuaga's Nugget) but the name means it's awfully big and awfully good.  It is rumored there is a sauce that tops the burger, but I had a hard time tracking down the specifics of the sauce for either version.  So we just decided on cheeseburgers with lots of fixings tonight, instead :)  Seemed like a good Friday night plan.  And for dessert I made Chocolate Nuggets.  Another fun recipe I found on the governor's site (this one is also from former governor Bob Miller) this is a cross between a chocolate pudding/mousse that was really easy to put together this morning that I knew the crew would like.  It was a little rich for the kiddos but Grant loved it.

Ended up playing with the Janoch's outside for a bit after dinner and now baths are under way.  Lots of Founder's Day Festival Fun tomorrow.  So until then...

Nevada Fun Fact of the Day: The longest morse code telegram ever sent was the Nevada state constitution. Sent from Carson City to Washington D.C. in 1864. The transmission must have taken several hours.

Pizza in the park

I managed to get the Nevada scrapbook page done when we were home for a bit

The Bingo King

So diligent

He won!

Chocolate Nugget

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