Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life is a Beach

 We interrupt Michigan week to bring you...  Ohio!  (I know, I know, borderline sacrilegious.  For nothing other than my Mom's birthday would I do something like this, I swear!)

Anyway, my Mama is off work this week and along with my sis, Shell, we were hoping to find something to do to get us all together this week to celebrate - or at least hang out for awhile :)  My wedding planner extraordinaire of a sister needed to check out Maumee Bay State Park  as a possible wedding location for a client, so we decided to meet up there, scope out the grounds and get in some beach time.  As I mentioned yesterday, there is a slight tie-in from this week as the park sits on Lake Erie - which is also one of the four Great Lakes that borders Michigan.  I know we won't make it far enough north for them to get to experience Superior this week, but by Saturday the kiddos will have been to three of the four now!  Not that it really matters - we were just glad to go see my Mom.

But as usual some things never go according to plan.  Mikayla was up ALL night last night, keeping Grant and I up as well, and it addition, at 3am the tornado sirens went off.  We're all OK - there was little damage to the Farmington Hills area, though I understand from the little I've seen that the Southwestern part of the State took a pretty severe hit.  Anyway, was a little tired to say the least this morning when we got moving.  We made it to the park, did a little bit of exploring for Shell and watched the storm clouds slowly start to gather around us.  We followed the wise advice of Shell and decided to grab some lunch under a shelter before beach time.  It's a REALLY good thing they ignored my protests on this because about five minutes after we sat down the skies opened up.  And the wind started.  And it got chilly!

Fortunately, though, by the time we finished up with lunch the clouds were moving on and the sun was starting to peak through.  So glad we stuck it out as the kids (and Shell and Grandma, for sure) had a great time building sandcastles and playing in the water.

Unfortunately, the trip back was not so smooth.  Not sure what's up with drivers around here, but the trip that took around an hour and twenty-five minutes this morning clocked in at over two hours this afternoon.  Uggghhh!  Between traffic, accidents and a whole ton of Staties I don't think I'll be speeding AT ALL the next couple of days.  We did make it home in time for pasties, though!  UP Pasties in Plymouth, my crew gives your traditional pasty with sirloin and with chicken huge thumbs up.   The rain has done little to cool things down around here, though, and since we have no air (a problem which really only effects us a handful of days the entire year), Grant decided to take the kiddos to the $1 movie theater in Warren (a favorite place of ours in Michigan!) tonight to bask in central air.  I'm busy working out the details for our trip over the weekend, so I'll deal with the heat (who am I kidding, I have a sweatshirt on as I type this.  I'm always cold!) and soak up the quiet for a few hours.

I'm going to scale back our trip a bit tomorrow (because after last week and all the excitement of this week and given all we have planned for this weekend, my whole crew is getting a little exhausted as was evidenced by the Bean last night), but we're still heading to Lansing to see the Capitol building and then take a tour of the Michigan Historical Museum.  Then two words - Pizza! Pizza!  (any guesses?) and come heck or high water Grant and I are determined to make it to the Dairy Farm tomorrow night :-p  So until then...
On her way into the water

Digging a moat around his castle

My little fish

Getting some help over the seaweed

Noah's castles and moat

The Bean's castle


This is a shot of the inside of the chicken version

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