Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Wonderful Worship, soaring kites and pitted cherries

Another quick blog but lots of pictures!  We had a wonderful time at the VBS wrap up at Orchard Lake Methodist this morning.  The kids did beautifully!  My heart was overflowing with love and joy watching the worship service this morning.  My little princess especially (who was center stage the entire time, of course) proved she is SO her mother's daughter and has quite the acting/singing/dancing bug I think.  Might have to spend some time figuring out a good (but not overwhelming and all encompassing) way to start to nurture that.  As I've said, they had one great week at VBS and can't wait to go back to Orchard again next summer.

We headed home for lunch and a bit of downtime before deciding we wanted to check out the South Lyon Kite Festival.  In spite of the heat we had a lot of fun!  The kids actually got to color their own kites (Noah and Grant had quite the design going that included a dragon breathing fire at Grant who had a reflecting shield on his head.  I think you maybe had to be there...  Kayla and I drew fairies.) that we then took up the hill to fly!  The weather didn't quite cooperate for any extended flights but the Dynamic Duo were happy to run around and get them lofted for a while.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

We then came home so I could stick our Crustless Basque Quiche in the oven for dinner tonight.  One last Nevada recipe for the week!   This was easy and full of things I knew would be a simple sell tonight - the perfect laid back Sunday dinner.  (Kristi's Note:  I swapped in real eggs for the substitute tonight.  If you do this 1/4 cup of substitute = 1 egg :) )  As a bonus we had to stop for a gallon of milk this morning after VBS and the Bean (who has become my shadow and insisted she needed to come in with me) asked if we could have cherries with dinner tonight.  I said sure and told her and Noah that I'd even let them do the pitting.  I bought a cherry/olive pitter quite awhile ago and have used it lots of times, but this afternoon, listening to them and watching them work together to pit the entire bag of cherries it MORE than paid for itself.  Even Grant commented on how nice it was to listen to them giggle and work together.  It earned the cool birthday cake ice cream cones (Happy National Ice Cream Day, by the way!) the Bean also insisted on at the grocery store...

The Bean and I headed to Walgreens after dinner to pick up the 8x10 of her and Elsa from yesterday that I had printed to hang in her room (it was a surprise.  I have had the most thankful/excited/well-behaved four year old since yesterday afternoon and this just extended it!) and the boys got out some water stuff outside to cool off.  What a great Sunday.

We start New Hampshire tomorrow (the kids are already asking lots of questions) and, hey Grandma, we have grand plans for all the Queen Anne's lace we have been noticing all over the neighborhood.  So until then...

Nevada Fun Fact of the Day:  Area 51 is acknowledged with State Route 375 officially christened "The Extraterrestrial Highway" in a ceremony featuring the director and cast of the movie "Independence Day." The highway runs between Alamo and Tonopah. There is a tiny restaurant stop at the Little Ale' Inn at Rachel.

Last pictures with the lego guy

Running in to Worship

She always makes her presence known

"You are the clay an we are the potter"

Petting a goat at the kite festival

Coloring our kites

Noah and Daddy hard at work

This is the aforementioned fire breathing dragon

And Kayla's fairies

Ready to go fly

How many Gatchel's does it take to fly a kite?

All that hard work meant a needed lemonade

And then some bouncing

Starting on the cherries

They did it!

My quiche right out of the oven

Crustless basque quiche

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