Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Cherry on Top in Traverse City!

Kristi's Note:  I really sorry but I uploaded the pics backwards - read the post then start from the bottom ;-)

We got an early start and headed north from Grand Rapids to the gorgeous northern part of the mitten and the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City.  Holy tart red fruit were there a ton of people there!  And so much to see, try and do!

Thank to Grant’s perseverance we found a great parking garage in the downtown area where we could walk to the main grounds.  Right away we had fun playing games (and winning prizes!) at a tent from the new Planes movie, getting to try a bunch of cereals from Post and fishing at the huge Pepsi disply.  We of course had to then sample the foods – we all had fresh Michigan cherries (both tart and sweet), huge ears of fresh roasted corn and a Cherry polish sausage.  We decided to wander for a bit and noticed lots of people had staked out locations with blankets and chairs looking out at the Bay for the Air Show.

I wasn’t   sure at first if the kids would really be down for this, but they had a blast (Noah counts it among his favorite things we did).  We all especially loved when it all culminated in a great exhibition by the Blue Angels!  None of us had ever seen them before and (especially us adults) were blown away!

After the show, we jointed the mass of humanity swarming back towards downtown, made a few stops along the way for souvenirs, Orange Dream slurpees and Maize and Blue popcorn before making it back to the car.  Traffic out of town was insane, though driving along the lake was beautiful.  We eventually made it to Grayling, checked in to our hotel and grabbed some dinner.  I had told the kids there was a pool at the hotel and promised if they co-operated up to that point we’d have family swim time.  I have to say they have been awesome and definitely earned the pool.  My little Mermaid would have stayed all night if we’d let her.   Everyone was well tuckered out again and were out and snoring (Noah!) by 10:30.  I think even Grant and I were out shortly thereafter.

A poll of the crew has revealed the following favorite moments of Day 2 of our adventure:
Kayla:  Spraying the ‘fire thing” at the Cherry Festival and playing in the pool
Noah:  The Blue Angels
Grant:  When there was one Blue Angel flying across the Bay drawing your attention and then one suddenly came flying at you from behind.
Kristi:  Watching the kids inhale fresh cherries and huge ears of corn on the cob (Followed very closely by what Grant said – the precision of the Blue Angels was mind boggling!)

 Off to Frankenmuth!

A must for Michigan week

Bowling at the Cherry Festival

Blue Angels!

These are from the air show - I know they're hard to make out but trust me, it was REALLY neat!

Coast Guard copter

Family pic at the Air Show


Getting ready for the air show

Posing with Super Cherry!

Cherry Polish Sausage!

They mowed through the corn

Think she liked the cherries?


Fishing at the Pepsi Tent

Playing at the Planes tent

We made it!

Arriving in Traverse City!

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