Thursday, July 3, 2014


First things first - a very Happy Birthday to the best Mama that a girl could ever hope to have!  My Mom's birthday is today and while I'm bummed not to be spending it with her, I'm hoping that she has had an absolutely fabulous day!  Love you, Mama!

A quick programming note from Michigan week.  (Look for a post later from Grant about their trip to Detroit today!) Not sure how much I've said about our epic wrap-up to Michigan week but if you thought hunting for Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor was fun, hold unto your hats because I just discovered we're going gnome hunting in Frankenmuth on Sunday!  I have been planning this trip for WEEKS and I'm so excited to show even more of Michigan (including a whole bunch that I haven't seen either) with the kiddos.  We're off early tomorrow to Grand Rapids (the highlight for the day is the lego exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum) and then to Traverse City on Saturday for the National Cherry Festival! (Michigan is the nation's leading producer of tart cherries)  We're staying in Greyling on Saturday night and then a trip to Zehnder's in the aforementioned Frankenmuth is on tap before heading back to the Hills.  Ah, I'm so excited!  I'm not sure if any of us are going to sleep tonight (we're all currently watching the Tigers game - there were 3 Tigers HR's in the first inning, it's a really good game so far!)

All that being said, I know I will have a ton to 'show' you about Michigan, but I am not sure when I will get the next post up.  I don't think we'll be back too late on Sunday so definitely then if not before.  I hope that everyone has a fabulous Fourth of July (I have 4 potential fireworks displays for us to see!) and a great long weekend.  We're off on our Michigan adventure, so until then...

Michigan Fun Fact of the Day:  The Mackinac Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Connecting the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan, it spans 5 miles over the Straits of Mackinac, which is where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet. The Mighty Mac took 3 years to complete and was opened to traffic in 1957.  (The kids are super bummed we're not making it to the UP this trip but we've promised them if not this summer definitely next summer.  Grant and I have both been and absolutely love it up there!)

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