Saturday, June 28, 2014

We do believe in Fairies!

So have you missed us?  Were you afraid we were never coming back?  Have you been anxiously awaiting the latest update from the Gatchel crew?

Well fear not - we're back!  Actually, after having a FABULOUS time in Ohio with their aunts, the kiddos have been back since Wednesday.  But we've spent the past couple of days winding down from their trip and gearing up for the next week which is huge around here because, starting today, it's MICHIGAN WEEK!

You can only imagine that I've been looking forward to this for quite some time.  But don't expect a lot of lengthy blogging from me about Michigan as it is my intention to 'show' you Michigan (along with the kids) this week, not teach it.  If I mention something you want to know more about, by all means speak up, I've got PLENTY of Michigan research done.  I have spent a ton of time planning this out so we can see, do and experience as much as possible.

Since Noah (with Grant) is off at a birthday party this morning I thought Kayla and I would get a jump on a Michigan experience I had hand-picked for her.  My research caused me to stumble across the fact that there are Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor.  (For more info on who is behind the fairy doors, where they are, etc - check this out)  I knew we HAD to do this.  I wanted to make a stop in Ann Arbor anyway (um hello, how could we not pay homage to the most incredible University in the whole world?) and so this sealed the deal.  And I knew Noah would go along with us if he had to, but it was so fun making this a Mom and Daughter day.  I even made us fairy crowns!  

What a way to start off Michigan week!  I absolutely adore the city of Ann Arbor anyway (we hit the Farmer's Market and of course, campus, while we were there as well) and we had the best time.  If you go to the site, the Bean and I tracked down 7 of the 9 doors (#9 and #10 were a little far.  She really wanted to do #9, but halfway there decided it was more than she was up for.  And honestly, the girl walked EVERYWHERE without a complaint and pure joy and excitement.)  Too much fun!  

Stay tuned, lots going on, but until then...

Getting ready to go


Ready to head out

We made it to Ann Arbor!

Our first door! (At the Michigan Theater)

She wanted to leave something, so I pulled a flower off the pen I had in my purse - she was thrilled

Found another one!

Walking down the street we found a whole Fairy Village!

The door at Red Shoes

We liked this one

We were walking down the road and came across this one - not even on the map!  They're everywhere!!!

At Sweetwater's

We of course had to stop for a treat (she got their in shop made Ginger Ale - it was incredible)

Another door!

At "The Ark"

Found the one at "Found Gallery"

Um, hello, must take picture of the future alum!

My fairy was in need of sustenance, so a stop at Noodles & Company was in order

Don't worry - I didn't let her step on the M!  But we did make a trip down the Diag!

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