Friday, June 6, 2014

Donut Beat All

Happy National Donut Day!  (Whoa, flashback anyone else?)  Don't worry, I'm not getting back aboard the 'National Food of the Day" project train.  But this is one of my favorites, and the Bean and I couldn't resist a trip to Dunkin' Donuts today to celebrate.  But I'll get to that...

It's been another sunshiny Friday here, making all of us more and more anxious for school to wrap up (one more week!) and for us to actually get to start our summer together.  Noah wasn't too bummed today though when I put him on the bus as today was Beechview's Field Day.  From the sweaty, tired but very happy six year old I picked up this afternoon I'd say it was a lot of fun.

After getting Noah off to school the Bean helped finish cleaning the house for a bit (OK, at least getting the bathrooms scrubbed down and the vacuum run.  That counts, right?) before we headed off to Beechwoods park for a playdate with the Janoch's.  The kids got to burn some energy, Tess and I got to gab, sounds like a good way to spend some time in the sunshine to me!  Kayla and I then headed to Sam's club to pick up a few things and then I surprised her with the above mentioned trip to Dunkin' Donuts.

HUGE THANKS to the wonderful ladies at the Dunkin' Donuts located at 24740 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI 48034.  First of all they were participating in DD's  donut day special of buy a drink get a donut free.  So I picked out a coffee and let the Bean pick a donut.  Secondly, they had Tigers donuts!  The donuts were blue baseballs with orange frosting stitches filled with marshmallow cream.  A no brainer for my Tiger lovin' miss.  Thirdly, the ladies there were WONDERFUL.  They engaged Mikayla in a conversation, talked to us while we snacked and we ended up walking out with a bag full of free munchkins for the Bean to take home and share with Noah since they were sad he was missing out.  Dunkin' Donuts corporate take note (I can say things like this and hope it happens because we all remember that a long time ago JoAnn Fabrics started stalking my blog when I randomly mentioned them...) this location went above and beyond today to make our National Donut Day awesome!  (I did write to corporate via their website this afternoon, just for the record)

After I wiped down one blue frosting covered Bean (and chatted with my bro on the phone for awhile. Love you, Scott!) we headed over to Kroger to track down these WW's I keep hearing all about from Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Apparently this is what they called the Willy Wonka push-ups they had with my parents over Memorial Day weekend.  So I have been keeping an eye out for them (Kroger let me down last week, but then again they had almost no frozen ice cream treats at all that day. Think they were restocking...) because the Dynamic Duo seems to be enamored with them.  Kayla and I snagged a box (she danced in the middle of the store when I told her I was buying them) and brought them home for tonight's dessert.

After making it home we decided to work off some of that frosting and see if we could track down (and take pictures of finally) either of our duck families.  A quick trip around the block yielded no leads, but ended in some fun pictures...

We did end up getting some mail from Montana today!  My friend Jen has friends, the Smidansky's who live in Glendive, MT.  They kindly sent the kiddos a letter and three picture postcards from Montana.  They noted that their town doesn't have a McDonald's or a Walmart, but they get to spend lots of time outdoors hiking, searching for moss agates and exploring the Montana wilderness.  Many thanks to Jen for putting us in touch with the Smidansky's, and to them for helping us!

Lots more outside playtime this afternoon after Noah made it home and then we sat down to a dinner of The Humble Shepherd.  OK, Kristi's confession.  Not really.  This recipe inspired me, but I didn't follow it.  At all.  I made my own version of a cottage pie (a go to favorite around her) with a bit of twist - using applewood smoked BBQ sauce in place of the usual brown gravy.  It wasn't like the recipe had a super strong link to Montana in the first place (and technically, the correct term for this recipe would be a 'cottage pie' as a shepherd's pie refers to the use of lamb as the meat.) it had only come up in a search I had done for Montana dishes.  But I 1) knew my crew would dig it and 2) knew I could use stuff I already had on hand to make it my own 3) pass it off as Montana inspired if nothing else ;-)  As predicted my peeps made dinner easy tonight (OK, we did have a brief issue with Noah when he discovered the peas.  Honestly, what is it with that kid an peas?!?!?) and we were able to head outside with our WW's and play for awhile.

As you can tell from the contents of my post, the special package for Montana week STILL has not arrived.  (grumble grumble grumble, delivery was guaranteed by today, amazon.  What the heck?)  So I'm crossing my fingers it will be delivered tomorrow, even though if it does I won't be here to get it.  Because...


For the fourth time, my Mama and I are heading to see my favorite group of ALL TIME in Cleveland tomorrow night.  This will be our second time seeing them after Davy's passing, and if they were as good as they were last time we'll keep going back as long as they are touring.  We're actually going to stay overnight in Cleveland, so it'll be mid-afternoon on Sunday before I'm home to wrap up Montana week.  I'm leaving the camera with Grant (Note:  Mom, this is your cue to go grab your camera and put it in your bag so we have it.  I'm DETERMINED to track me down a Nesmith, Dolenz or Tork tomorrow night for a picture.) as I hear they are going to do the Home Depot build (which rumor has it is being hosted by Elsa from Frozen.  I'm not sure if I envy or pity Grant in this instance.  Mikayla will be blown away), check out the launch party for the library's summer reading program and all kinds of other fun things while I'm gone.  But I'll be back Sunday and maybe my package will have arrived by then so we can send Montana out in style! So until then...

Montana Fun Fact of the Day:  Grasshopper Creek’s gold at Bannack, Montana was 99-99.5% pure, compared to most gold at 95%. When the strike was found in 1862 it led to the greatest rush to the West since the California Gold Rush in 1848.

Dino at the park

Think she was excited?

It was yummy!

And very marshmallowy...

The elusive WW's (And for the record, for any of my family that 'gets' this - we had 1 successful launch tonight and 2 fails)


Bunny Ears!

Friday flowers from my fave

Montana Mail Call!

Checking out their mail

Kristi's BBQ Cottage Pie

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