Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wild (Rice)Tuesday

I knew we were going to have a full Tuesday, but geesh!  Not sure how I managed to do it, but until Saturday today is the only day this week I had something on calendar I HAD to be at.  Well apparently I ended up having a whole lotta other things that cropped up today as well.  It's all good, though - what a mostly sunshiny, friend filled, Noah achieving Tuesday it's been!

The Bean and I packed plenty into this morning after getting Noah off to school.  We came home and she helped me make these.  While I don't usually jump on the box cake/cupcake bandwagon, since we're celebrating Minnesota and Betty Crocker is a subsidiary of General Mills, I made an exception when I saw these at the store yesterday.  Plus have you met my husband?  Anything Reese's is ALWAYS a hit.  We also managed to get a base coat on her canvas for this week's Minnesota project.  (Noah worked on his and we got both of them taped off this afternoon) Get excited, this one is going to be fun!  I included some pictures but I'll tell you more about it (and what the heck it has to do with Minnesota) tomorrow.  Once our cupcakes were stuffed and cooling we headed off to the library for Musical Storytime and then to the park to hang out with some friends for a while.  It was so nice to see everyone and soak up some rays.  The Bean is getting braver and braver when it comes to her abilities at the park.  She cracks me up!

This afternoon (thanks to the amazing Tess who kept an eye on the Bean for a bit) Grant and I met up at Beechview for Noah's Learning Celebration (think kindergarten graduation)  Oh my goodness was I ridiculously proud of my little boy this afternoon.  Has he really only been in school since September?

Tonight's dinner made use of Minnesota's official state grain, wild rice.  The state is one of the nation's leading producers of the grain (along with California) and I knew we couldn't do without it in at least one dish this week.  So tonight for dinner we had a Wild Rice Chicken Dinner.  (Kristi's note - this was super easy but unless you're feeding a HUGE crowd I would consider halving the recipe.  I did halve it and we still have quite a bit yet.  Also, I made my wild rice from scratch, not the pouch mix and it was still easy and yummy)  I'm wondering if this dish could technically be termed a hotdish as well...  Whatever, it was well received around here.  And those cupcakes?  Yeah, major score.

We finished up dinner, walked up to Walgreens where my pictures were FINALLY ready (1 hr photo by foot!  I ordered them on Sunday!) and by the time we got back there was just enough time for baths and then off to bed.  The Bean and I are hoping to get some things in order for the weekend tomorrow and we're going to sample what some consider the greatest culinary contribution of Minnesota - the juicy lucy!  Plus since the forecast calls for rain I'm thinking we'll be finishing up our art project as well.  So until then...

Minnesota Fun Fact of the Day: Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline, more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.

I gave this week's art project a test run...

Pretty cool, huh?  (Now I'll give you three guesses as what the heck it has to do with Minnesota)

Tonight's dessert - thanks Betty!

Wouldn't have any other helper

A break in the cooking to paint her canvas

Working the mixer like a pro

Bonus - no eggs in the frosting = one happy Bean

Piping in the filling

Yep, she's quite the chef

At Noah's Learning Celebration

He showed off his stuff

Played with Daddy

Showed his Mama that he is WELL ahead of the curve when it comes to prepping for Michigan week

Read us some of his stories

And sang us some songs (OK, so I couldn't get a picture of him doing it, but they did the cutest number with sunglasses and guitars.  I know Grant go a few on his phone, so maybe he'll post some)

Prepping his canvas

Hmmmm, what could the Bean be up to?

Any ideas on a Minnesota connection yet?

Wild Rice and Chicken Dinner (this was a big hit here tonight)

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