Friday, June 13, 2014

First Grade Bound

For the past year it's felt weird to say "I'm the Mom of a kindergartner." I mean, wasn't he just born yesterday?  Wasn't I just changing diapers, spooning cereal into his mouth and having him rely on me for every little thing?  How did we get to kindergarten??  Or better yet, as I've continually asked myself today, on the last day of kindergarten, how did we get to first grade? Dang!  Whether I'm ready for it or not ('cause he definitely is.  He got OUTSTANDING marks on everything across the board.  Just got his Michigan standardized tests results, which I don't put a whole lot of stock in, but he scored *high* on each of them) my little boy isn't so little any more and is ready for first grade.

But first, let's all take a deep breath and celebrate 'cause - IT'S SUMMER!  Finally!  The Bean and I did a happy dance as the bus pulled away this morning realizing the next two and a half months are going to be jammed full of fun, sunshine and togetherness.  I can't wait!

Today has been great.  I asked Kayla how she wanted to spend the last day of just the two of us and she said "baking and shopping"  So we did!  She helped me make Double Blueberry Muffins to have for breakfast tomorrow (the blueberry muffin is the state muffin of Minnesota, dontchya know?).  Then we got in some story time and ran a few errands before coming back home for lunch and a nail painting session.  We then went and picked up Noah from his friend's house where he had a fabulous time having pizza and ice cream and hanging with some of his classmates.  We made it home in time for a game of Monopoly Jr. where tycoon Mikayla kicked our butts!  Then Grant managed to peace out of work a little early to come home and surprise the kids with a bowling adventure.  I'm told Noah is quite the bowler - can't wait to see him in action!  Then it was home for a dinner of Baked Honey Mustard Chex Chicken Strips (yay General Mills!) and some really nifty frozen greek yogurt blueberry bites I made last night.  (Again, yay General Mills!).  We're currently feasting as we watch "The Mighty Ducks".  Quite the day for sure.

Super looking forward to tomorrow!  We have David's Spiderman birthday party in the morning (Tess is my hero on this one, can't wait to share the pics of all she came up with!)  and then we're going to see the whole Janoch crew perform in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" tomorrow night.  Been looking forward to this for weeks!  For now I'm heading off to watch the movie, though.  So until then...

Minnesota Fun Fact of the Day:  Minneapolis has more golfers per capita than any other city in the country.  (This is for my Dad, a few days early :) ) 

I hardly every buy Greek yogurt (it's a tough sell around here) but I had a dessert recipe for tonight that called for it.  Then Noah reminded me that since it was his last day of school he got to pick dessert.  Rats.  So I came up with plan B

Frozen Greek Yogurt covered blueberries!

One last trek to the bus stop

And he's off!

She is so my girl - when you ask her how she wants to spend her day she says cooking and shopping - I adore her!

I put her in charge of blueberry mashing

She did a fabulous job

Parachute fun at the library

Happy Mikayla, happy face!

Double Blueberry muffins

Yum, looking forward to breakfast tomorrow

Putting our "Kids Bowl Free" passes to good use this summer for sure!

We discovered yesterday that if we wiggle our butts (the Bean and I) we knock down more pins

Grant let the kids try their hand at the camera, too

Honey Mustard Chex Chicken

Dinner and a movie - I love Friday nights!

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  1. And what perfect movie chairs you have! How cool!!