Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sensational Six

 We wrapped up Noah's birthday weekend extravaganza by celebrating his actual birthday today.  Geesh, I can't believe my baby is six!  We let Noah choose how he wanted to spend the day and he filled it with donuts, a trip to the park, video games, board game playing, his favorite foods and a putt-putt excursion!  We had such a wonderful weekend.  At dinner we talked about our favorite parts and it was honestly hard narrowing it down.  Back to the normal routine (at least for a few days, next weekend is weird yet again!) tomorrow and we kick off Maryland week!  So join us tomorrow for an introduction to "The Old Line State", but until then...

Maine Fun Fact of the Day:  The first sawmill in the nation was established near York in 1623. York became the nation’s first incorporated city in 1642. 

Last night while the crew went to see the Lego Movie (I can get on board for quite a bit, but talking legos is where I draw the line...) I finally pulled out the stuff to finish up a project that I've been meaning to get to for months now.  I can finally see all my earrings!

Woo hoo!

The birthday boy at Tim Horton's this morning

Love them

He had a little birthday money to spend and chose to get some baseball cards.  Wouldn't ya know it - the kid picks one with Max Scherzer!

A trip to the Old Mill Race Village and Park this morning


The birthday boy took this picture of a rock at the park

Mario Kart!

Family putt putt!

This is right after Noah scored his first (totally legitimate!) hole in one!  What an awesome birthday!

Oh they make me smile

I actually managed to putt for the win today :)

A Birthday feast for a 6 year old king - "How to Train Your Dragon" mac and cheese, pizza bites, raspberries and brussel sprouts (and yes, those were his choice - he actually asked for them by name at the store, I kid you not)

With superman ice cream for dessert of course

Measuring the six year old


We ended the night with Monopoly Jr. (he won once and I won once, Grant & the Bean played as a team and weren't having much luck...)

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