Saturday, May 17, 2014

Celebrating Six!

 We've had quite the day with Grandpa Gary and Uncle Keith celebrating the big birthday this weekend.  Non-stop fun for sure.  Pictures can say it better than I can.  More celebrating tomorrow so until then...

Maine Fun Fact of the Day: Maine has more Moose per mile than any other state. (This one's for you, Mom!  I hear Indiana comes in a close second.... ;-) ) 

Kristi's programming note:  I know earlier in the week I said I was going to be swapping Michigan and Minnesota.  A closer look at the calendar has made me rethink that decision yet again :-p  So we will be swapping Michigan and Montana instead.  So for those of you keeping track, the next states will now be: Maryland (starting Monday, woo hoo!), Massachusetts, Montana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and then Michigan.

Mikayla helped me decorate Noah's cupcakes this morning

Noah requested orange dreamsicle cupcakes, with vanilla frosting and the Tigers logo on it.  The Bean and I used the M&M's she had gotten me for mother's day on top!

She was very particular - she told me one orange, one blue and one white on each cupcake

Fun at the park


Making a wish

Opening his present from the Bean

This touched my heart - he was SO careful with the wrapping paper. (Remember Mikayla made it earlier in the week?)

Presents from Grammy Caren and Papa Tom

Uncle Keith's "Merry Christmas" paper

Checking out the awesome card from Uncle Arthur, Aunt Kristina and the cutest signature every by Miss Lillian

Telling him that Grant and I signed him up for Mud Hens Camp in July!

Think he's excited?

And a cool lunch box besides!

Amid everything else I also managed to get the Maine scrapbook page done

Playing Sorry

Noah's birthday dinner request - Pizza Hut pizzas!

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