Friday, May 2, 2014

Hats Off!

Just a quick post tonight as I want to get back to watching "Secretariat" with my crew.  I told the kiddos this morning that's what we were watching tonight and that it was based on something that actually happened and so far they're pretty enthralled.  They can't wait for the Derby tomorrow!

Today has been full of preparations for tomorrow.  Mikayla and I spent the morning running around gathering all the supplies we needed yet, including the goodies to make our Derby hats! Words are not enough, you can check out creations below.  She also helped me make our Derby pie for tomorrow as I read that it's better if it has a chance to set for awhile before you eat it.  Hopefully it'll be stellar for the race tomorrow.

With our movie tonight we're feasting on Kentucky Lace Cakes (think really think cornmeal pancakes) and Kentucky Friend Potatoes (I have no idea how these are a Kentucky recipe, I make them all the time.  Though I use butter in place of the vegetable oil...).  I knew this would be an easy dinner to have the kiddos munch on with the movie (which had to happen tonight since it's over 2 hours long!) as they absolutely love corn pancakes.  The peeps popcorn mayhave enticed them to hurry along as well...

On a sad note, my Derby pick, Hopportunity has been scratched from tomorrow's race due to an injury.  So I've decided that I'm going to back Dance with Fate instead because I love the name.  (yes, that truly is how I picked, nothing more complicated)

Special quick shout-out to my sis, Sarah who is running the One America Mini Marathon in Indianapolis tomorrow.  Run fast, babe, super proud of you!

So looking forward to one super full day tomorrow!  Kids and Grant are doing Home Depot build in the morning and they are also going to be checking out Free Comic Book Day.  Then tomorrow afternoon is our Derby party.  I promise you'll want to check us out tomorrow night for a recap and pictures! So until then...

Kentucky Fun Fact of the Day:  More than $6 billion worth of gold is held in the underground vaults of Fort Knox. This is the largest amount of gold stored anywhere in the world.

She got more compliments on her hat when we were out today...

Ready to do some hat designing

Coloring her side pieces


She's ready for tomorrow

My hat is done, too

Helping me make Derby Pie

Ready for the oven

Fresh out of the oven

Kentucky Lace Cakes and Kentucky Fried Potatoes

Peeps are not my favorite thing in the world

So melting them into oblivious makes me happy

And it sure does make some pretty and tasty popcorn


  1. Thanks for the support from Michigan!

  2. Love the hats!! And that pie looks yummy! Have fun tomorrow! And Sarah - hope the wind is at your back all the way!

  3. And I think that Mikayla's hat is waaaayyy cooler than any of these:

    But you might want to check them out!

  4. The picture of her "she's ready for tomorrow" is a mini Michelle! Oh my goodness! Looks just like the way I remember little Michelle!!!