Friday, May 16, 2014

Mud Hens for my Birthday Boy

 I have honestly been looking forward to tonight for weeks!  Awhile ago I had read about a package at the Mud Hens game for birthday parties and we thought this would be the perfect way to spend Noah's birthday.  We already knew Gary and Keith would be coming into town, my parents and Scott were able to make it - couldn't wait!  And we had an amazing evening, even in spite of Mother Nature's attempts to freeze us all.  I can't believe my little man is going to be six on Sunday.  Celebrating more tomorrow, with a certain recipe from Kansas making an appearance at the request of the birthday boy.  (Any guesses on which one?)  So until then...

Maine Fun Fact of the Day:  More than nine-tenths of Maine's total land area is forested, the highest percentage of forest coverage of any state.

We arrived, off to the game!

Winter jackets for a mid-May baseball game - check! :-p

A representative from the Mud Hens met us outside the gate with a few special things for the birthday boy

An awesome Mud Hens birthday baseball

And a birthday shirt!!!

Found this when we got to our seating area, all official!

We actually had our own tables in the terrace seating area.  While we were a ways from the action, I think this was PERFECT for tonight

Muddy on the field with I swear the at least fifteen people who threw out the 'first pitch'

Playing catch with Uncle Keith

Gatchel family love

Got Grandpa Gary in there too

We had this whole area to ourselves, it was fantastic

One very happy kiddo

Muddy came for a visit!

He got to meet Papa!

And hug the Bean

Kayla and I made it on the scoreboard quite a few times tonight

On Sunday when we saw them Papa promised Mikayla her own cotton candy.  No joke, it has been all I've heard about for days. (Between this and multiple seafood dishes the past couple of days Mikayla has been living the dream this week...)  Her Papa, true to his word, hooked her up!

Think she liked it?

Think he adores her???

My favorite boys

Opening presents from Grandma and Papa

He's been asking for the rubber band loom thingy to make bracelets and now he'll get to try!

I think this mistakenly got given to Noah, should have been my anniversary present... ;-)

Pure joy when he figured out what it was

He is so set now

The Bean and I stayed warm by dancing it out

Trying out the loom

Getting his birthday 'spanking' from Papa

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  1. I love it. They look like they are having so much fun. Great pictures.