Thursday, March 6, 2014

We've SO been there!

After all the excitement of Flat Noah and Flat Mikayla yesterday, I'm not sure how much better Florida week could get.  I ended up waking up Mikayla last night (she really wasn't sleeping anyway) to show her the pictures of her flat self at Disney and she went nuts.  I tucked her back in and then stood outside her door and listened to her fill in her animals.  My favorite was "I can't wait to go to school tomorrow to tell everyone Cinderella knows my name!"  Noah was equally excited this morning when I showed him (he actually was sleeping and I wasn't messing with that!) and they are both talking about it non-stop and telling everyone about it.  They both can't wait for their flat selves and their Disney pins to arrive.

So today was definitely a little less excitement filled, but fun none the less.  I had MOPS this morning and Mikayla was lucky enough to go to school in her PJ's for pancakes today!  She's been telling me all day about the Dad in the class helping today who flipped the pancakes "SO fast, Mom!" She cracks me up.  Also meant to tell you yesterday about her funny in which she looked at me yesterday afternoon and suddenly announced "Mom, my favorite capital is Hartford because it reminds me I love you."  Only my Bean...

After I got Kayla home from school I came home to start packing/organizing for my trip (more later) and to make tonight's dessert, Natilla.  This is a cuban pudding that is flavored with lime and cinnamon.  I also made up some Florida Orange Balls to try and for them to have over the couple of days I am gone.  The natilla was a huge hit tonight, especially with the Bean.

We picked up Noah from the bus and they started working on their state coloring map. Check out the pictures, I'll let Thing 1 and Thing 2 explain their own creations there :)  (This has become one of my favorite state project activities, by the way)

For dinner tonight we couldn't have Florida week without some kind of seafood.  So I borrowed this recipe for the marinade but instead made Key West Tilapia.  I paired it with some Lime Cilantro Rice and a tropical fruit cocktail for a meal that disappeared in a heartbeat around here.  Also, it didn't seem right to celebrate Florida cuisine with a nod to its Cuban inspiration without partaking in MY favorite Cuban recipe - The Mojito!  I omitted the rum in the kiddos version (duh), but they still got the gist of my favorite drink.  They LOVED it.

After dinner we worked on our "We've Been There" state.  In case I haven't explained it well in the past, we are actually using the travel guides I requested from every state to find the letters they kiddos are using.  They have almost as much fun flipping through and looking at the travel guide as they do cutting out the letters.  Anyway, we successfully spelled Florida and lo and behold, I'm pretty sure ALL of the Gatchel's can claim they've been to Florida so it was stickers all around!  They're looking forward to doing some more states that they can claim.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I am heading out tomorrow!  The girls trip that has been months (a year?) in the planning with my Mom and sisters is finally this weekend!  We're headed to Michigan City, IN for some gambling, shopping and relaxation with just the four of us.  I cannot wait!  I am leaving the camera here because I know Grant and the kiddos have some fun stuff planned here so I am hoping that if he gets any time, Grant will be updating the blog in my absence.  If not, look for a post from me on our next state - New Mexico! - on Monday.  That also reminds me that the next 2 states will be out of ABC order - we're on to New Mexico from here and then Kansas the following week.  (I'll explain why next week) Then in 3 weeks were back to normal with Idaho!

Alright, have some things I need to get done (meal prep for being gone three days and some packing, not to mention catching Grey's Anatomy tonight I'm hoping!) so I'm peacing out for the evening.  Back Monday if not before, but until then...

Florida Fun Fact of the Day:  Miami installed the first bank automated teller machine especially for rollerbladers.

This was me showing Kayla her pictures at Disney last night

PJ's still at lunch time

Noah reading his homework

Mikayla's state - "This is all the stuff the cool Florida people sent us (see the beach ball, mom?) and Legoland"

"This is the state motto (in God we trust, though he wrote it from the bottom up) and the peninsula surrounded by water"

Noah made a horse out of paper, he then "rode" it around the house with his sword like a knight, following a treasure map of the house he had created at school today.  I so want the imagination of a five year old again

In another part of my castle, Belle played with the flying fairies

The knight and the princess then teamed up to hunt down the bad guys in the house (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried, seriously)


Key West Tilapia, Lime Cilantro Rice and tropical fruit salad

Cuban Natilla

Florida Orange Balls

Our "We've been there state"

Florida is officially on the wall

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