Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Smile

I have had two of the best weekends in a row that I could ask for, that were wonderful for completely different reasons.

Spending last weekend with my Mom and sisters was a much needed break and so much fun!  I ate ice cream for lunch, I played (and got to the bonus game!) on the Monkees slot machine, I got a players card just for the heck of it at two different casinos, I had the tastiest talapia at Olive Garden, I hung out in a hot tub, I actually bought some things for ME as opposed to everyone else (my tea purchases and an absolutely adorable jacket at Aeropastale being my favorites) and of course, I spent some QUALITY time with my three favorite women in the world.  It was a great break from the every day happenings around here and I am so grateful to my Momma for making it happen.

Then this weekend came along.  It had all the potential as of Thursday night when we were rushing Noah off to the Urgent Care facility to be a complete disaster.  Yes, I am very bummed that all of us didn't get to make the trip as a family to Illinois.  (Grant and Kayla have the camera but probably won't be home 'til after 9, so not sure if he'll get a post up tonight or not)  I've been looking forward to seeing everyone.  And Grant and I debated a long time what the best thing to do for everyone involved was.  But the silver lining to the entire situation is that I have been able to spend some AMAZING and QUALITY time with just Noah.  Since I wasn't 'supposed' to be here this weekend there wasn't anything else to distract me from spending all my time with him doing whatever he wanted.  The kid is a Skipbo genius - I have yet to beat him.  He, without any protest or fighting, helped me clean out and organize under his bed and dresser (where all his school stuff since September has been deposited in his bin) as well as swap out the New Mexico wall for the basics for the Kansas wall - it's amazing how helpful just one can be!  He reminded me about the simplistic genius of Looney Tunes.  We cheered on our favorite Wolverines.  I learned that the steroids that have helped him feel so much better have also made him super hyepr and it's a good thing the weather cooperated and let us get out for walks Saturday and Sunday.  And he has reminded me that sometimes the best 'plan' is absolutely none at all.

I hope that wherever you are you've had a fabulous weekend as well.  We'll be back to kick off Kansas in style tomorrow, so until then...

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