Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sweet! (16 we hope!)

As I post my Wolverines have a commanding lead over Texas at the beginning of the second half of their game.  I'm hoping that they continue the forward momentum and NEXT weekend we'll be watching them in the Sweet 16 and then maybe even the Elite 8 :)

We had a lot of fun last night watching "The Wizard of Oz"  Mikayla was very firm in the fact that "Mama, I do NOT like that witch." and they were able to reiterate most of the story this morning in a conversation with Grandma (we had to call Papa and tell him about the deer in our back yard) so I am guessing they enjoyed themselves.  And the very little leftover pizza was demolished at lunch.  Noah has declared it to be in a tie for his favorite food (currently tortellini) and has requested it for his birthday dinner this year.  Guess I done good ;)

We've had a busy but really fun day here.  We were originally thinking of heading to the zoo today for the Teddy Bear Care Fair, but since we're going to be heading to Monroe tomorrow to catch The Muppets with my parents and the fact the weather still isn't quite cooperating (Hey Mother Nature, Spring started Thursday.  Just sayin') we decided to pass this time.  Instead we set up a fun play date with the Janoch's, had a quick skype session with Grammy Caren and Papa Tom, headed off to the library to get some books and play on the computers, had family nap time, Grant and the kids went to the mall to burn off some energy and now we're back here, grabbing some dinner and watching the game.  I've been telling Grant all day that he needs to try to take on Noah tonight in SkipBo because I still have yet to beat the kid, so hoping to get some more playtime in before wrapping it up tonight.  Yay for fun Saturday's!

I also have been working on a couple of projects during all of it.  I got our Kansas scrapbook page done today.  When I stuck it in the book I was flipping back through the states we've already done and it made me smile.  I think (really hope) the kids are enjoying this and the outpouring we have received from across the country from people who know and love us as well as complete strangers.  Thanks to everyone if I haven't said it enough lately.

I also got tired of searching for a collage type frame that I liked for a bunch of pictures I had printed off from the summer and fall so I did what any crafty girl does - I made my own :)  Actually, I made two.  Can't wait to find a place to hang them

Another super fun day tomorrow.  We got another package from New Mexico that we're going to dive into in the morning then head off to Monroe, like I said, for The Muppet Movie!  I have been waiting MONTHS for this.  I love me some muppets :)  Then it'll be back here for one last nod to Kansas with a food that was a staple for the pioneers (hmmm, guesses?) and then getting ready to tackle the next week.  Until then...  (GO BLUE!!!)

Kansas Fun Fact of the Day: The Oregon Trail passed thru six states, including Kansas. There were no Indian attacks reported on the Oregon Trail as the travelers passed through the state.

Our Kansas scrapbook page

Instructions from Ikea - always good for a laugh

Collage #1

Collage #2

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