Thursday, March 13, 2014

Never a dull moment...

How did it get to be Thursday already?  Seriously, this week has flown by!  I don't know if it's because I was gone last weekend, we had a surprise day off mid-week or because we're headed out again tomorrow for a road trip that I'm having a hard time believing we're almost at the middle of March!  Now, if someone would just let the weather know about the date on the calendar that'd be just fabulous.

Anyway, it's been quite the Thursday here at the Gatchel's. Mikayla had a great diamond day at school - though we learned that we probably won't be getting our favorite teacher's assistant, Mrs. Bird, back from the kindergarten this year.  She's been taking the place of a sick assistant there who is not doing well, so it is most likely she will be staying with the kindergarten for the rest of the year.  Mrs. Porto did ask if I would be willing to come in a little more often to help out, so chances are good that I'll be in Kayla's class here again soon.  I also had a productive PTA Board meeting this morning, finally got a chance to run the vacuum and managed to start getting things in order for for our trip.  Noah has been complaining of a sore throat so not in the best of moods when he came home, but he did get a caught being good card at school.

When my favorite five year old made it home this afternoon the Dynamic Duo created their coloring maps of New Mexico.  I doubt you'll be surprised about what strikes their fancy the most about New Mexico :)

Since we'll be gone, tonight was my last chance to introduce everyone to a little New Mexico cuisine, so I made Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken.  OK all you moms out there, if you need a SUPER easy, SUPER well received recipe, this one gets Kristi's big thumbs up.  I ended up serving it over rice here, and really you could customize it to your own liking fairly easily (add some chiles for a little more kick, a bit of cumin, more cheese when serving, etc) and everyone here enjoyed it.  Well, we were.  Then disaster struck...

The past couple of days Noah has been complaining that it hurts to swallow.  We know he has tonsil issues (the child snores worse than a trucker, no joke) and have had plans to have a serious convo with his pediatrician about it at his 6 year well check.  Seems like we have to tackle that problem sooner rather than later.  Noah worked himself into such a panic when he was trying to swallow at dinner that he made himself sick and then couldn't breathe.  Then there was no calming him down after that.  Grant and I were concerned enough (and not sure what else to do given we are to be leaving tomorrow afternoon) that a trip was made to the Urgent Care up the road.

Turns out the kiddos has severe tonsillitis and Grant says the doc says there is only a small gap between his tonsils at this point and put him on a couple of fun medicines to hopefully get things under control until we can get him in to see his doctor.  Of course, that kind of changes our plans...

 Maybe.  Grant and I are discussing now what is best.  The doc suggested that at the very least we keep Noah home from school tomrrow (DUH!) and said a trip might not be the best idea.  I totally agree BUT feel terrible as we are to celebrate Gramma Minna's birthday and Aunt Sally is flying in...  *sigh*  We are discussing possibly splitting up for the weekend, with Noah and I staying here for him to re-cooperate and at least Grant and Kayla making the trip to Illinois.  While most of me will be bummed if that happens, there is a little piece of me that would really like to spend a few days with just Noah...  Either way, at some point tomorrow I will try to get a post up about our plans.  So until then...

New Mexico Fun Fact of the Day:  After WWII Los Alamos and Albuquerque had many new laboratories. Hundreds of highly educated Scientists and Engineers moved in the state. New Mexico soon had a higher percentage of people with Ph.D.s than any other state.

Mikayla kept running back and forth and checking the wall to see what she should include in her drawing.

She was VERY diligent, making sure she got everything she wanted

And as usual my little artist was hard at work

Mikayla's State (Explanation follows)

The orange stripes are the caverns.  The pink in the lower left is Billy the Kid (but I didn't draw his gun, Mama because you don't like us playing with guns) The upper right blue is a hot air balloon and the green circle is an alien family she saw in the travel guide.  (Seriously people, I couldn't make this up)

Noah's state

A little happier - the left is a hot air balloon at the festival.  the right is an alien from Roswell in the hot air balloon he made that looks like his UFO.  (Again, I am NOT this creative everyone, this is totally all them!)

Sante Fe Chicken

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