Monday, March 3, 2014


This is just too exciting not to post right away!  Mikayla and I went to the GM Paris Bakery in Livonia this morning to pick out our packzi!  I have NEVER seen so many packzi in my life.  Boxes and boxes - they were filling a TRUCK for crying out loud!  We actually had to wait in line for twenty minutes before we finally scored ours.  Apple, blueberry, custard and raspberry are on the menu for tomorrow - can't wait!

Oh, and in not so good news, I'm on my way off to the ER here shortly as my slip and fall on the ice yesterday may be a little more serious than I thought.  There's a chance my very sparingly padded rear end didn't do enough protecting of my tailbone and it might actually be cracked.  So off for some x-rays, prayers appreciated.  It also means I'm probably home tonight instead of going to the PTA dinner, so I may post again later.  Until then...

We got them!

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