Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Dancin'

It was quite a battle there in the second half (between the two of us I think Grant and I managed to wake up the kiddos yelling) but my Wolverines managed to stick it out last night and earn an Elite 8 berth.  We are all looking forward to watching the game tomorrow and cheering them to the Final 4.  Tonight we're Dayton fans, though - Go Flyers!

We've all had a great Saturday in the meantime.  We started the morning off with some fun chocolate chip potato poppers and it was about then that I noticed that our Kansas sunflower was growing!  We have greenery!  Finally something we've decided to grow during this whole project (unlike the cactus and diamonds tried prior) is showing some life.  Maybe another sure sign Spring is on the way?

Then Noah and Grant headed off to the Michigan Science Center to check out the Kidstruction Zone exhibit running for the final weekend while the Bean and I made a quick trip to Walgreens to get our pictures for the Idaho scrapbook page and then headed off to the Library for the Dance Party!  We had lots of fun, though my only complaint was that they held it in the regular meeting room that definitely did not accommodate everyone that came.  Think if they do it again they should move it to the auditorium.  Then when we got back the Bean helped me create the Idaho scrapbook page, which we wrapped up just before Noah and Grant made it home for lunch.

This afternoon we FINALLY got to catch up with our favorite friends from Maryland, the Kunkles.  It was so good to talk to Arthur, Kristina and the beautiful Miss Lillian.  A trip to catch up with them here soon is in the works....

I messed up and didn't realize the Dayton v. Florida game was on early tonight and already told the kiddos they could have a dinner and movie night.  We gave them the option of choosing which they'd rather, and Muppets it was.  (Because as Grant pointed out to me last week he hadn't actually seen the previous Muppet movie (which we own) which was an important lead in to the one from last weekend.)  So I'm here keeping Grant and I up on the Dayton score while dinner and the Muppets it is.

The kiddos and Grant are heading out to go shopping tomorrow (rumor has it there is some event going on here next weekend...), we're hoping to catch a walk in the sunshine (we might hit 50!) then for sure some Michigan hoops and one last Idaho day with a pop quiz and some Western Shepherd pie.  Can't wait!  Until then...

Idaho Fun Fact of the Day: The world's first nuclear power plant was built at the Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory (INEEL), near Arco, Idaho in 1953.

Chocolate Chip Potato Poppers

Our sunflower are sprouting!

The Bean and I ready for the Dance Party!

Constructing away


Our Idaho Scrapbook page is done!  Kayla was a huge help

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