Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St. Nick Visits

Did you remember to leave your shoes out on Monday night for St. Nick's visit? My kiddos surely did :) While they were watching "Charlie Brown's Christmas" (Thank you ABC, I will never get tired of watching it!) St. Nick came and filled their shoes to the max. It is my opinion that St. Nick is having waaaaayyyy too much fun shopping this year. In fact, I think St. Nick may need to work on impulse control a bit here real soon. (hehehe)

So after they studied their loot, Noah says to me "Mom, did you get anything?" I jokingly answered him "Nope, guess I wasn't very good this year." St. Nick had remembered Grant, though which confused Noah even further. (BTW, St. Nick brought Grant Cinnamon M&M's that they are selling exclusively at Target this year. He says they're pretty fabulous) I let it go and hoped Noah would do the same. But yesterday morning when I got up, St. Nick had gone into my closet overnight, grabbed my shoes and left me two decks of Michigan Euchre cards. (Does St. Nick know me or what??)

I was thrilled and had them sitting on the side of my desk when the kiddos got up. Noah sees them and immediately says to me "Oh, Mom why do you have these Daddy was supposed to wrap them up!" Uh oh.... This dumb-struck Mama said "No, St. Nick brought them for me." Noah then insists that no, he and Grant bought them at the store. I quickly hatch up "Oh Noah, you must be mistaken. Maybe you thought that Daddy bought them but I don't think he really did. St. Nick must have seen you guys looking at them for Mommy and gone and picked them out for her." I think he bought it... He then told me that he was going to "Check on this with Daddy." My respect for technology increased exponentially when I quickly texted Grant to fill him in on my story before he got home. Crisis averted. Hopefully ;-)

We finally made it to the Wayne County Lightfest last night. It was great! Over 4 miles of lights. The kiddos had a blast and we even ended up tooling around some of the neighborhoods on the way home to check out some of the local displays. When we were out we noted that the house that we had an offer in on located on Piper's is STILL for sale. Both Grant and I said a quick prayer of Thanksgiving that God had been in perfect control of that situation it seems even though we were unaware of it at the time.

Alright, more tomorrow hopefully. Now that Noah's room is done I need to get on a couple of Christmas gift projects and start designing the Christmas PJ's for this year. How I love Christmas :)

Noah's shoes

Mikayla's shoes

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