Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Love Mail!

So just yesterday when they were here I was lamenting the fact to my Mom that we've gotten hardly any Christmas cards this year and I had come to the conclusion it was for one of three reasons:
1) No one had our new address
2) People, like us, simply were foregoing the expense of Christmas cards this year
3) We are unloved

After all that, look what came in the mail from my family today:

Best Christmas Card EVER!

If all that wasn't enough, my mom brought a piece of mail for me that had been delivered to the house. I am not the proud owner of the following:

Major shout-out and thank you to my friend Lindsay for hooking me up with this! She saw it in a thrift store and knew I would have to have it :) I've got to say, if this is the kind of mail I'm getting, keep it coming!

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  1. I didn't manage to get Christmas cards out this year. In fact, I think I only manage that maybe once every four years or so. I keep telling myself that I'll start on them in September so I'll have plenty of time...but that never seems to work either!