Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Beanie!

There are a few things I distinctly remember about two years ago today.

1) December 14th had been marked on my calendar for a long time. No, not as the day Mikayla was due, but I knew it was the day that I would officially make it as far along through my pregnancy as I had with Noah. I knew (and told more than one person that day) that I had least would know what I was up against if she came now. I think I even posted on Facebook that as far as I was concerned every day after the 14th was icing on the cake. Ok, so we got no icing...

2) We found the camera! The camera had gone 'missing' for weeks. I'm blaming it on pregnancy brain. But as soon as we found out they were going to deliver Mikayla that night, we went on an all out hunt for it. It was (wait for it) in my purse the whole time!

3) I ate macaroni and cheese for lunch. I know this shouldn't really stick with me but I remember that I ate at almost exactly noon and that I had macaroni and cheese. I remember because a few hours later a nurse was asking me "So when's the last time you ate?" because they wanted to deliver Mikayla as soon as possible.

4) I don't remember hearing Mikayla cry for the first time. With Noah, it was very distinct and they brought him over to show me right away. With Mikayla they sped her away without ever showing her to me. It'd be over 24 hours until I actually got to meet Mikayla for the first time.

5) The pain killers made me really loopy afterward. Even more so than with Noah. I remember talking and just not being able to shut up (OK, so this isn't really anything different than most days)

6) Thank goodness for Aunt Shellie. I think the only reason I didn't go complete batty about worrying about Noah, Grant, the house, etc was because I knew Shell was there and in charge. Thank you God for Aunt Shellie!

7) Mikayla was worth every bit of the craziness!

On the second anniversary of her birth, I have to say that I wouldn't have traded any of it for Mikayla. My teenie beanie brings joy to everyone who meets her and is truly a gift from God. Love you, Mikayla Elizabeth!!


  1. Happy birthday to a super-cute, sweet, and adventurous little lady!

  2. Happy Birthday Mikalya! She is such a beautiful blessing :)

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Mikayla!!

    As I was reading this, I realized that I don't remember anything you listed about that day! lol

    Except for maybe the you were really loopy and couldn't stop talking one ;)

    Oh, and I remember kicking everyone's butt at Phase 10 while she was being delivered!!

    Love you!!!