Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scott and Kayla's birthday party

So my Teanie Beanie turns two this week and my 'little' (hahahahaha) brother Scott turns seventeen on Saturday. Since it can be mass confusion attempting to get all of us together at one time, we took advantage of a couple hours on Sunday night and threw them a joint birthday bash at my parent's place in Fremont.

She very much enjoyed her cake

Major kudos to Scott for putting up with the butterfly cake ;-)

Trying out her cannon

The look on Shell's face says it all

Thanks Aunt Sally for the night light :)

She had to try on her Tinkerbell PJ's from Grandma and Papa as soon as she saw them

Thanks Grandpa Gary for my Curious George and his book!

Great Grandma Minna I love my Hello Kitty purse!

Giving the big brother a squeeze to say thank you for her present

Us Kosakowski kids finally got around to giving our parents their anniversary present - only about two weeks late, think that's not too bad ;-)

Trying on Grandma's socks


Oh no, Zombies!

The GORGEOUS tree in Fremont

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