Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. Those kids must have been good this year, because there was so many presents from Santa he had to put them all in the back room of the house! The kids raced down the stairs to see what he'd brought. Waiting for them was a Little Mermaid bike for Mikayla, an interactive Chuggington train set, some books and clothes, and some very full stockings.

After breakfast, the onslaught of presents began. A few highlights of the 3.5+ hour unwrapping included: sleds for each of the kids, Mikayla's princess hut, Grandma opening her Kindle like a wild wildebeest, Aunt Shell opening clues to the locations of her gifts (and therefore hunting for them) to curtail early snooping, Dudley's "inconvenient" recognition of wrapping paper for a gift not from him and Michelle, and opening a basket full of U of M stuff.

Unfortunately Kristi had come down with something the morning of Christmas Eve. It was serious enough that other than the ride from Michigan to Ohio, she was in bed all day both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A short visit to the ER on Sunday afternoon helped a bit because she was up and moving on Monday and able to finally open her presents and head back home later that day. However, Tuesday morning she was feeling miserable again and headed back to Fremont by herself to see her doctor. Since then Kristi was back in the ER overnight for observation on Tuesday night but was subjected to a few (lengthy) imaging tests Thursday morning. She is staying in Fremont with the parents this week and seems in better spirits, but we won't know the results of the tests until next Tuesday at the earliest. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers with her. Hopefully this will all be over soon with a diagnosis. In the meantime, the kids and I are looking forward to Mommy coming home tomorrow morning! 

In any case, below are a smattering of pictures taken on Christmas day. The rest of the pictures and videos can be found in the Christmas 2001 Album

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