Monday, December 5, 2011

Michigan Wildlife

This morning, the kids are playing in the playroom, I'm scrubbing the house down and all of a sudden Bella starts going absolutely nutso. She's howling, running around the house and acting like a mad little puppy! I'm trying desperately to figure out what she's barking about when I note that there is a white truck out in front of the house, parked, with a guy sitting in the front pointing a camera at my house! I'm completely baffled until I notice that there are four fully grown deer simply hanging out together in my front yard! I called the kiddos up and we watched them mosey around the yard for awhile and they eventually went around back which finally inspired me to grab my camera and try to catch a few shots. I know they're kind of blurry and far away but they were so beautiful that I didn't want to disturb than any more than was absolutely necessary.

Twenty minutes later the deer were still in the back when I noticed a large dog like looking animal wandering in the woods as well. I'm not sure if it was a coyote or a wolf (it was way too big to be a fox) but it simply strolled in and out of the trees out back avoiding the deer for the most part.

So now as I sit here and watch the snow quietly falling I'm really struck by how cool it is to live up here :)

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