Sunday, January 15, 2012

A sledding we will go!

Though it took nearly 48 hours for enough to accumulate, we finally got enough snow in order to go and try out the great sledding hill Grant and the kids found at Heritage Park (Where the Hay Fest was in October) So after getting everyone all geared up in their snow accessories we were off!

I couldn't believe how steep the sledding hill actually was! We had quite the experience hiking back up to the top. We only had one major wipe out (which Noah claimed he was done after, but then was ridiculously upset later when we actually left :-p) so we'll chalk it up to a great first sledding experience. Many thanks to Grandma and Papa for the awesome sleds!

Kayla and I tried it out first

And we're off!

We had a little bit of a wipe out mostly to avoid taking out Noah at the bottom of the hill

Noah's turn!

Daddy and Kayla give it a try

3 of the 4 Gatchel's on one sled, what an experience!

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