Friday, January 27, 2012

Cheering on Uncle Scott

In case I don't tell them enough in person, I am one very proud older sister. I have three amazing siblings, each of whom I am constantly amazed by. Each of you, in your own way, inspire me. Sarah, for her fierce determination, drive and witty humor. Michelle for her loyalty, strong sense of self and unending kindness (even to those who don't deserve it!) Scott for his commitment, maturity beyond his years, friendly and open nature and his ability to put up with all of us girls ;-) Just in case I haven't said it lately, you three rock!

This particular occasion is in celebration of Scott, though. Tomorrow I'm heading down to Fremont for the opportunity (finally) to see Scott swim. The kid is good. (Kid, who am I trying to sell that to, he's well over a foot taller than I am!) If you don't believe me, start checking out the News Messenger. I don't think they've written up one story on Ross' swim team without mention of Scott this season. Including interviewing him after a meet in which he won all four events he competed in. (I told you, super proud older sister here) There's only a few more meets before State, which we're all hoping to make a trip to this year :)

Anywho, originally all four of us were going to go down to the meet tomorrow, but after some discussion (mostly because Scott swims the first couple of events and the last couple of events) Grant and I decided we didn't want to wrestle Thing 1 and Thing during a 5 hour long meet with tons of people near a rather large body of water. I know, how unreasonable of us ;-) The kiddos were super disappointed so I came up for a way for them to be there in spirit at least. Yesterday they each created huge "Good Luck" posters for me to take with me to Scott tomorrow. Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the chaos that surrounds any event in which they're both set free with markers, a bingo dauber and stickers...

Alright, off to finish my purple with sparkles finger nails and a pair of purple and white earrings for tomorrow. Like I said, super proud older sister ;-)

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