Friday, January 13, 2012

What happens when you transplant Florida babies

So this great snow that we had been promised didn't actually produce much. Upon awakening this morning we were greeted with maybe a quarter inch of snow. But of course, my Florida babies were THRILLED and wanted to go out NOW. Granted there was barely a dusting but Mikayla was running around yelling "Ooze my zed!" and who can possibly say no to that?

We recently acquired (Thanks Uncle Jim!) new snow pants and double lined jackets from Target for both the kiddos. They insisted on snow pants. And boots. While I am pleased that they enjoy going outside so much, I have to admit I was a little embarrassed by the countless cars that passed by looking at my two kiddos decked all out and pushing each other on their sleds over what was mostly grass still. But they had an awesome time! Oh well, most of the neighborhood has been convinced since shortly after we moved in that at least I was nutso (see previous entries on the driveway and raking the leaves) so they must just assume it runs in the family.

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