Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mommy, park, and pizza

So yesterday Mommy finally came home! The doctor gave her some stuff for her headaches which should hopefully help her start feeling better. We missed her a lot and Mikayla keeps asking her "Oooh fee better?" even now that she's here. Apparently Pappa misses the kids since they haven't been around in a week, so we may have to make a trip back to help him "fee better" too.

Today was a balmy 44 degrees, so the kids and I (Daddy) got to play at the park today behind Noah's school after lunch. The kids had a lot of fun there and neither one of them wanted to leave (even with runny noses). The weather is supposed to be a bit colder tomorrow, but if it's not too windy then perhaps we'll be able to go back and dig and swing and slide climb and...

Later, we made pizzas for dinner. I told Mikayla that Noah could show her how to make one for me. She was so excited!

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