Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well, we officially did it! We made it! For the first time last night, all four Gatchel's (and the dog) slept under one roof in Michigan :) We left Fremont around 2pm yesterday, made a couple of quick stops and pulled into our drive around 4:30 to show the kids the house.

Noah and Mikayla were thrilled. Even though they've already seen/been to the house a few times it was really different now that their 'stuff' made it. We had to go around the whole house just to prove that everything was really there. They both seem to be rolling with the change so far, though I'll be anxious to see how they handle the next few days.

The playroom was a huge hit. Last night, after they were both down for the count I was in there cleaning up and Grant says "Aren't you upset about what a huge mess they made?" to which I could only reply "No, because this makes it apparent they had a really good time." If I can just keep that mantra now ;-)

The other really big change is them now being in separate rooms. Mikayla had a bit of anxiety around bedtime last night, but I am chalking that up to her being tired. For the most part, the Bean just rolls with things and it's Noah that I worry about a little more. They were both up a couple of times last night, but I'm confident that will get better over the next few days.

Planning a trip to the library today to get a new library card (a huge priority for me!), lots more unpacking and then Noah is going school supply shopping with Grant tonight while Kayla and I hit up the grocery store to stock up on all the essentials. Wish me luck!

And so it starts...

We all made it!

I think I have a picture of me in this same pose with Sarah :)

Noah's entrance

Seeing his 'fire truck' room for the first time

"Mommy, look, all my animals came from Florida!"

Mikayla checking out her new bed

My baby is officially now in a toddler bed after she escaped the crib in Fremont last weekend

Noah and Bella in the kitchen

They were cracking me up, they couldn't decide what to check out first

Seeing the play room for the first time

And they're off and running

Not wasting any time checking everything out

The first thing Mikayla tried to do - climb in the shopping cart!

The secret hideout

Fire truck!

I got to cook for the first time!

Noah in his new "Cars" booster because Kayla got the other booster... We'll give it a few days to see how that goes :-p

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  1. So glad the day went well and the pics are great!!