Monday, September 5, 2011

Fremont Labor Day Parade

We went to the Labor Day parade in Fremont this morning. Lots of pictures to share :) Enjoy!

Grandma, Mikayla and Noah

My favorite little boy in the whole wide world!

And the cutest little girl ever!

Have you ever seen two cuter kiddos?

The wonderful Sanders family joined us

Mikayla, Noah and Audrey

Waiting patiently

Noah kept saying "Happy Anniversary" as opposed to "Happy Labor Day"

We clapped for everyone :)

Collecting candy!


Look what a cute face will get you

Cool key chains

The Ross band

A digger just for Noah

SJCC giving a whole new meaning to "the Dirty Dozen"

Noah couldn't let any of the candy stay in the street

They love each other :)

These are the fire fighters that will keep Aunt Shellie's new house safe :)

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