Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Noah's First Field Trip - Erwin Orchards

As promised, plenty of pictures today! The kiddos and I went on Noah's very first field trip to Erwin Orchards to pick apples this morning. Chaos reigned as 28 pre-schoolers ran wild in the apple orchard ;-) Below are my two adorable munchkins.

Riding the tractor

We had to find just the right tree

Noah is a pro now

Kayla too :)

They each got to pick a 1/4 peck

Trying for a class photo

Donuts and cider!

Noah mowing through his donut

Kayla enjoyed hers, too

He's a flower!

Petting the goats

He still hasn't quite gotten the hang of a tricycle

Tire sittin'

Tire standin'

In the flowers

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