Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rice, Rice Baby!

My baby is going to school! Though it hardly seems possible, Noah is three and ready for pre-school now. It has been all he has talked about for well over a year now so I guess it's time to cut yet another string and let him try out his wings a bit.

The first official day of school is next Tuesday (he'll be going twice a week in the mornings) but in preparation we are taking him today to see the classroom and meet his teacher. The school supplied us with a list of 'things to bring' so on Tuesday night Grant took Noah out for some special one on one time. We told Noah that he got to go out to dinner, go and get all his school supplies and then go shopping for a new outfit to wear on the first day of school. (The last in place of the back pack we'd been promising him for months because the school says they will provide one - major drama!) Apparently they had a great time and Noah managed to even con Daddy into getting him some new Cars underoos and a bag of Skittles as a special treat. Oh to be three and so easily satisfied ;-)

Anyway, one of the other things on his supply list was a bag of dyed rice. The school included the recipe, so last night when Grant came home all four of us made Noah's bag of rice. He got to put it all together himself, count out what was needed and shake shake shake! He even (good big brother that he is (usually) ) let Mikayla get in on the shaking. I've included pictures below.

In other news, Mikayla looks like a prize fighter with her black eye. It is definitely the worst one she's managed to give herself. I've been trying to get a halfway decent picture of it, but am not sure that I really want proof out there for you all to see of what a horrible mom I am to have let it happen to her ;-)

Last night, after rice making and dinner, the kiddos got a bath and then got to watch a bit of a movie (with popcorn!) while Grant and I continued putting the house in order. I can officially state with the exception of our bedroom and the hanging of all the pictures, it is almost finished! Ok, well at least the unpacking part... We did manage to get our bedroom arranged last night and all the furniture arranged in the family room. I put the library together yesterday and even managed to finish up the master bath. I will be thrilled to never see another moving box and packaging tape again!

Wish us luck meeting the teacher today!

Shake it, baby, Shake it!

He was so proud that he got to do it himself

Mikayla got in on the action, too

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