Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunshiny Saturday

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words there's no need for me to babble on about today!  Enjoy :)

Indiana Fun Fact of the Day:  During the great Depression of the 1930's 1 in every 4 Hoosier factory hands was out of work, farmers sank deeper in debt, and in southern Indiana unemployment was as high as 50%.

Started some robot building before we headed out this morning after some yummy corn waffles for breakfast

Giving it a go at Putt-Putt at the Egg Hunt

They each got 3 game tickets


Bean Bag Toss (she got 3 of 4 in - think we need to might start working on her throwing arm, Papa!)

Noah's turn

Mikayla meets the Easter Bunny

They had the fire truck there, too!

Noah got to climb in

Bean too

And in the back!  (Side note - huge thanks to the Farmington Fire Department guys this morning. Noah expressed his interest in fire fighting and they gave him tips on what he should be doing now to become a fire fighter, told him about what they do, the truck, etc.  They were super helpful and patient.  And the fire chief even spoke to Grant and I individually for a few minutes about how we should be fostering Noah's interest.  I said I didn't want to push it too hard as he was only five and will probably change his mind at least 4 dozen times before he even turns six, but really appreciated the thoughts, advice and input)

Hunting Eggs

I'd show you a picture of how many they collected but that turned out to be kind of a waste.  They got a goodie bag of stuff no matter how many eggs they collected (the eggs were empty, really weird...) so all was good

Then we headed off to the playground since the event was at Shiawassee Park today

Noah caught up with some of his friends from school!

And they were having all kinds of fun on the slide

The Bean, too!

I finished Indiana's scrapbook page

We got some more time in outside!  Noah and I went on a bike ride even.  (He was so happy!)

Not sure how Grant got stuck pushing her
Getting ready for Turbo!


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