Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hawaiian Prayer Request

It had been my intention to let the kiddos open their Hawaii mail today.  Due to extenuating circumstances this did not happen today.  The condensed version as I know it as of right now is that my Aunt and Uncle who were on the cruise to Hawaii that sent us our Hawaii mail this week were returning to California on the cruise and last night my Aunt suffered a major (what they believe to be) stroke.  They are currently nearly exactly between California and Hawaii and the coast guard cannot get to them at this time to get her off the ship.  They hope to be able to reach them in the next twenty-four hours.  At this time, I'm just asking for prayers for my extended family.

All that being the case, a long winded post from me about our day doesn't seem appropriate at the moment.  I'm posting pictures and a few of my thoughts about the day along with them, but feel that should be it for now.  Hopefully I will be able to add more and get back to 'normal' tomorrow. The Gatchel crew is all safe and sound, and I thank you for the prayers I know those of you who read this will send.

Hawaii Fun Fact of the Day:  From east to west Hawaii is the widest state in the United States.

Hawaiian Coffee to go with dinner tonight

Pink Polka Dot Princess wants to go to Hawaii as well

How to cut a pineapple - this AMAZED me today.  I have never done it this way before and now will for sure.  My picture tutorial follows :)

Seriously I LOVE fresh pineapple but a lot of the time will not buy it because I HATE cutting it.  This was probably the highlight of my day

Working on her Hawaii picture

This is Mikayla's picture of a luau

This is Noah's picture of a person surfing the islands

We haven't been to Hawaii, booooo

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