Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bowling, Blizzards, Pierogi and Frozen - Oh my!

Did you miss us yesterday?  Grant took some pictures of their day that he was thinking about posting, so maybe he'll catch you up here soon.  As for me, I had a very happy 31st birthday shopping with my Mom and Shell and then making it back here to wrap up my night with some suds and video games with my other half.  I was sufficiently spoiled by all, including a baseball glove from Kayla (so we can play together), a Red Wings shirts from Noah and a replacement for our crappy camera (finally!) from Grant along with a really great Tigers zip-up that I'd had my eye on.  Here's to this year being the best one yet!

If it continues to go as today did I have high hopes.  We got up and moving this morning (after I made some donuts) and then headed off to the Troy area to catch up with my Dad, who was bowling in a tournament there.  We cheered him on and while he wasn't having the best day bowling wise I'm hoping the visit from up at least made it a little better.  The kids were excited to see Papa and had fun cheering for him.  They even got to see him bowl a turkey!

On the way home since they aced their Illinois pop-quiz I made a quick stop for their 'prize' at Dairy Queen.  The chain with its famous soft-serve style actually originated in Kankakee, Illinois in 1938 and opened its first store in Joliet in 1940.  I picked up two blizzards (one their flavor of the month, confetti cake and one resse's cup) for us all to share as a treat for doing so well learning about Illinois this week and give another tasty culinary nod to the state.

I would not be the Polish girl that I am, though, if I didn't end the week on a spectacular food note, though.  The City of Chicago just happens to have the largest Polish population of anywhere else in the world outside of the the actual country of Poland.  So you know what that means - Pierogi!  And not just any pierogi, my homemade ones.  My husband has been drooling all week at the thought of pierogi today.  I always have a supply on pierogi on hand so I was happy to comply today to wrap up Illinois week!

This afternoon we enjoyed the sunshine with a family walk and then made it home in time for baths and PJ's and to pack up dinner to take with us for a trip to the Church where my MOPS group meets to meet up with some of the other families for a viewing of the movie "Frozen"  Grant and I hadn't seen it yet (the kids did at Thanksgiving with my parents) so we were excited to finally get the chance.  (Though honestly, I could probably sing you 95% of "Let it Go" by now...)  It was a great way to end the weekend!

So both kids are out of school this week (Noah for Spring Break and Kayla for conferences) so we've got plenty planned.  It's Indiana week, we're going to be making an overnight trip to Ohio and then an actual trip to Indiana next weekend.  (Even though we can all already say 'we've been there' it is too good of an opportunity to pass up with it being so close to home.)  Indiana Wall, Sugar Cream Pie and Indiana corn chowder to kick us off tomorrow!  Until then...

Illinois Fun Fact of the Day:  Chicago is home to the Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station, the only buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire

This is my birthday selfie - first pic with the new camera!

This one's for Michelle - mac and cheese from deliciousville ;-)

Boiled up some pierogi before we went to the bowling alley so they'd be ready for lunch

Hmmm, think my bestie Kristina knows me???

Love ya, Miss ya!

My baseball glove from the Bean - now if it'll only warm up enough for us to break it in

Hanging at the bowling alley

Pierogi please

Pierogi by Kristi, think that maybe I should start my own business.  My dad says they're better than the ones his Polish aunts made and my husband (who has nothing to compare them to, lol) counts them among his favorite foods

DQ Blizzard (Though my hands down favorite is pumpkin pie I'd recommend the confetti cake one!)


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