Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Picking A Winner

It's Wednesday!  And still raining...  At times.  We had some pretty strong storms roll through overnight and it has continued to rain on and off here all day but then there's been times of beautiful sunshine.  Plus our lovely 70 degree temperatures have steadily been declining all day and we're looking at just over 50 tomorrow - of course on the day the Bean and I are to head to the farm with her class.  Lovely :-p

But that's tomorrow, there's nothing I can do to change it, so I'll tackle that one when I get there.  In the meantime we've had a pretty fabulous Hump Day here in the Hills.  After running a few quick errands (including one to attempt to track down some rain boots for me as I'm thinking I'm going to be needing them tomorrow...) Tess and I surprised the Bean and A with a trip to the movie theater in Warren to see "Frozen."  Even though its out on video now (and owned by the Janoch's for that matter :-p) we thought it'd be a great treat for the girls to go and get to see it on the big screen one more time.  I'm not sure how as she has only seen the movie twice, but Kayla managed to sing along with the majority of the movie (gee is it a good thing we picked a Wednesday morning to go see this since we had the theater almost completely to ourselves much to the delight of our karaoke belting little ones!).  It was a great way to spend a wet Wednesday and I think it'll be sometime next week before the Bean stops thanking me, which I am completely cool with.

We managed to get Noah home from school, hung out for a bit, finally finished reading"The Wizard of Oz" (Grant should get a medal for that one!) and then sat down to a dinner of Kentucky Hot Browns and Kentucky Spoonbread!  I mentioned yesterday that the hot brown is one of Kentucky's cuisine specialties.  The open-faced sandwich is not named for the color it ends up being after going under the broiler for a bit, but actually due to the fact that it was created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville in the 1920's.  Kind of like the Illinois horseshoe I wasn't sure how this one was going to go over with the littles, but I should know by now whenever I anticipate a problem they shock me and make it disappear.  I've never made spoonbread before but figured since the Spoonbread Festival is actually held in Berea, Kentucky it was worth giving a go.  The kids liked how fluffy it was and said I could make it again ;-)  I also made some Kentucky Colonels for dessert though I can say I have no clue what they have to do with Kentucky or colonels. But I had all the ingredients on hand (yep, even the dates!) so I figured what the heck.  I skipped rolling them in coconut as we're not big coconut fans around here, and while no one was blown away by them they were given a 'not bad' rating.

After some quick baths it was time to sit down and talk horses.  Derby horses, that is. We spent some time tonight perusing the official Kentucky Derby website to learn about each of the horses racing this Saturday and picking our favorites.  We talked about who the experts are picking and Grant and I tried to explain to them betting odds and payoffs.  (You haven't lived until you try to explain this to a four year old - go ahead, I dare ya!)  It was quite the evening and for the record, here are each of the Gatchel's picks for the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby:

Grant: Wicked Strong (because he has a good feeling about it)
Kristi: Hoppertunity (I like the color of the horse)
Noah: Chitu (Because his silks are maize and blue!)
Mikayla: Vicar's in Trouble (Because he is being ridden by the only girl jockey in the field!)

There you have it, folks.  Do you have a favorite?

As I said, the Bean and I are off to Carousel Acres tomorrow and then (hopefully because my amazing sister who lives in Ohio but actually works in Kentucky, says it will be here by then!) tomorrow night will be our Kentucky mail call and the "We've Been There" state (yay, all four Gatchel's will get a sticker this week!).  Plus, I have three letters for you regarding tomorrow night's dinner; KFC.  So until then...

Kentucky Fun Fact of the Day:  Christian County is wet while Bourbon County is dry. Barren County has the most fertile land in the state.

So excited for Frozen!

Kentucky Spoon Bread

Kentucky Hot Brown

Kentucky Colonels

Settling in to view the horses

Since we had it up on the big screen I also let them watch a couple more past Derby's.  They are enthralled!

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