Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Fun

It's been one crafty messy day at the Gatchel's!  I'm not going to babble a whole long time because there are plenty of pictures to tell the story of our day which included fun with friends making resurrection rolls and yarn eggs, digging out my beading supplies and making some bracelets (this was after the Bean accidentally broke one that I had been letting her borrow for the day.  I convinced her it was no big deal - we could make another!) a walk together when the sun eventually came out this afternoon and Easter Egg Dyeing.  

And I didn't forget about Iowa!  We did our Iowa mail call today.  One of my dear friends (hi Kristina!) has a friends who's Mom (I think) lives in Ames, Iowa.  Kathy was kind enough to send the kiddos a postcard from "The Tall Corn State" (Iowa's other nickname) telling them about her kids experience at the Iowa State Fair with Future Farmers of America.

The kids have been looking forward to it all week and tonight I finally made Iowa State Fair Corn Dogs much to their delight.  These were fun - you actually grilled the hot dogs before coating and frying them which was something I'd never seen before.  While we dyed eggs tonight we munched on popcorn delight just in case we haven't had ENOUGH corn this week ;-)

Tomorrow we're going to the OLS Easter Egg Hunt (it's an actual hunt as opposed to a big field full of eggs so it should be tons of fun!) and I'm not quite sure what else.  Sunday we're headed to the 'Mont for the day which will be wonderful.  So until then...

Iowa Fun Fact of the Day:  Iowa is neither blue nor red, but purple in politics. A year ago prior to statewide primary elections, there were about 710,000 registered Democrats, 608,000 registered Republicans, and 773,000 registered with  no party. In the last five presidential elections, Iowans voted Democratic in four of them, making a huge mistake only in 2004 turning to GW Bush. Currently Iowa is represented by Democratic Senator Tom Harkin and Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. Our five congressional districts are split with three Democratic representatives and two Republicans. In the last 20 years there have been both Republican and Democratic governors. This is not a politically extreme state.

Helping A make her resurrection roll

D too

Then the B's turn

And Noah

Morgan gave it a go, too

Keith showing some love to Bella

She was eating up the attention from Morgan and G as well


Miss Tess explaining how to do the yarn eggs to a rapt audience

Morgan and N

Tess has the coolest balloon blower upper thingy (yes, that is a technical term)

Everyone hard at work

Our yarn eggs

Getting out the beads

Kayla's bracelet

Noah stringing away

Noah's bracelet

They picked out beads to make one for me

Gorgeous, huh?

Helping me make banana muffins

Iowa mail!

Play-doh too (Because I hadn't had enough messes yet!)

My better half brought me home a beautiful Easter lily

Iowa State Fair Corn Dogs

Popcorn Delight

Getting ready

We decided to try kool-aid eggs this year, here's our color palette

Dyeing away

One beautiful green egg by one beautiful Bean

Noah checking on one of his eggs

Our masterpieces!

Papa - this one's just for you!  Mikayla remembered we had to do a Monster egg and this was the end result

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  1. Your eggs are beautiful!! And I KNEW that was monster egg before I read the caption!! Way to go, MIkayla - you've made Papa proud.