Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Rock!

 Tuesday is starting to become one of my favorite days of the week.  It is so laid back around here and the kiddos and I have a blast doing a project, cooking, etc.  This morning, after our disaster of the skittle cookies last week, we tried out some black and white hug blossoms.  HUGE hit at the Gatchel household in both the making of and eating.  Noah kept telling me how much fun he was having - his favorite part was rolling the cookie dough into balls.  Kayla still needs a little work on her rolling skills, but she definitely enjoyed putting the hugs on after we baked the cookies.  We just got back from a story time full of stories and songs about feelings and I just tucked them both in for a nap.  As I was shutting the door Noah said to me "Mom, I think you should take a nap this afternoon too, 'cause you work really hard."  Nice to see that he notices :)

 Step 1) Noah and Kayla had to try out the hugs to make sure they were acceptable to use in our baking

 That was quickly confirmed


 Mikayla was a pro at unwrapping the candy (imagine that...)

 The finished product

 Mikayla's taste test

 Noah trying to decide which one he wants to try


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