Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 I'm not sure where the two kiddos who I've spent my day with came from, but I wish they were here more often!  They have been the best behaved today in a long time, putting everyone in an awesome mood by the time Daddy made it home.   Our culinary experiments (see the Skittle cookies from earlier and my facebook post about the giant apple puff pancake this morning) continued to a stress free dinner of english muffin pizzas, brown sugar glazed carrots and baked apples with pretzel crumb topping - yum!  They have been so good all day that Grant decided to take them over to the mall after dinner for some time at the play place and also to attempt to do some shopping that we have been neglecting for awhile.  Grandpa Gary and Uncle Keith are coming in this weekend for a visit and while they are here all the boys are going to go to the Tigers game on Saturday.  (It has been all Noah has been talking about for the past few weeks!)  That being the case, Grandpa Gary had asked Grant to take Noah to get him a Tigers hat for the game.  There is a great Detroit sports store (and my beloved M Den for all things U of M!) at the mall so Grant and the kiddos hit it up tonight hoping to find child size hats.  Success as you can see by the pictures!  So she didn't feel left out, Kayla got one too - in pink of course :-p

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